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  • Surprises Inside Your Sewing Machine - BIG Stitches!

    April 7, 2017

    We surprise a lot of our machine owners when we show them some of the amazing - BIG - stitches built right into some of those Brother and Baby Lock models!  When you look at your stitch menu they look like ... just another pretty decorative stitch.  But when sewn out - they're BIG!

    These supersize stitches may be built into your machine - and you don't even know it!


    We stitched these out with embroidery thread. With a heavier thread, i.e. Mettler Quilting thread - they're even more outstanding!

    These are perfect for stitching quilt borders and sashings with ease - no marking and following the lines!  Sew them onto plain ribbon to ramp it up (beautiful in metallic!), or many other embellishment uses!

    We used one of these to quilt the sashings on our tipsy tree quilt!


    They are on larger Brother and Baby Lock models dating back to the Innovis 4000D, 2800D, 1500D in the Brother line and Baby Lock Ellegante models.... Now check out your Dream or Destiny machines, Quattro or Ellisimo, other large models - and see what's hiding in there! You'll find these in a menu of decorative stitches, looking just like any other - but - they're not!

    Don't have one of these, or not sure where to find them? Come on in and see us!  We'll show you how to supersize your stitching!


  • Tip! How To Know When Your Bobbin Is Low... When You Don't Have A Low Bobbin Indicator!

    February 10, 2017

    What's your favorite sewing machine feature? Which one - ones - can't you live without?

    For many it's the low bobbin indicator - a light, a sound - something to let you know your bobbin thread is low so you can end stitching strategically and restart undetected.

    More and more machines have a low bobbin indicator as standard. But if yours doesn't (come on in and let us show you some that do! You don't need a top of the line model to get this invaluable feature!) here's a tip to anticipate running out and stop before it's too late -

    When you're using the same thread top and bottom - wind two bobbins. Put one in the bobbin compartment as usual... but use the other as your top thread! You can monitor how much thread is in the bobbin on the bottom just by looking at your top thread!

    Wind a bobbin for top and bottom threads and you can always see how much thread is left on your bobbin!


    It's easy, inexpensive, and keeps you from stitching a few inches... or more... before realizing you ran out of thread!


  • Sewing in the New Year - Simple Tips for Sewing Success!

    January 11, 2017

    Sew - it's a new year!  Did you make any sewing resolutions?

    Whether or not we'd like to help make your new sewing year the best ever!  Whether you're a new stitcher or well experienced, venturing into new territory or trying to perfect skills, these tips will help you sew better, be proud, and sew more!

    1)  BE FEARLESS. 

    This is the most important tip. Everyone's fearful of trying something, you're in good company! Fear can paralyze us - it keeps us not only from succeeding but from even attempting something new.  Whatever it is you want to try - just try it! If it turns out fabulous and you're proud - great! (And bring whatever it is in to show us, we love to see what you're working on!).  What if it doesn't turn out as it looked in your imagination? That's ok too - you'll know what you need to practice more and what you've tried and succeeded at for the first time.

    Bottom line - if you do nothing, you'll get nothing - so BE FEARLESS - just do something you've always thought about trying - and keep honing your skills from there!  If you or your machine get hung up, we're here to help - there's nothing to fear!



    2)  Give yourself permission to fail. 

    Sometimes our projects turn out just right the first time we attempt new techniques - but not usually!  Those beautiful samples you see in all our stores?  You're seeing the end result of much practice and many wadders (we all have them!).  We tend to hold ourselves to high standards that don't allow for failure. Hope for the best, don't be surprised if you don't achieve perfection the first time trying a new technique or project or machine, and know you're in good company! If you learn from what went wrong - you've made progress!

    If you get too frustrated, just take a break, walk away for awhile. And of course, there's always chocolate!



    3) Take classes and attend events!

    We have sew many classes , events and Sew Fun Club covering sew many different types of sewing, quilting, embroidery, and machine use!  Give us a call, come on in, tell us what you want to learn, try or be better at and we'll help you find the right class or event or guide you in the right direction.



    Think of classes and events not just in terms of projects - but as opportunities to learn and practice techniques.  Within any project there are specific techniques that may be just what you need to get you on your way to making what YOU want to make! Maybe you don't want to make a placemat but that placemat class teaches the applique techniques you've been wanting to learn - let us be your education consultants and we'll get you in the right classes and events to get you sewing what you want the way you want it!



    4) Know your machine.

    Seems straightforward, right? We have wonderful machines but not all have taken advantage of free machine guide classes. No matter how long you've been sewing, new equipment offers new ways to do things.  You may be missing out on using some of the great features that excited you enough to buy that machine! You can browse and sign up for our classes online, but we'd love to talk to you directly to get you in the right machine class. Even if you didn't buy your machine from us - chances are we have a class that will help get you ramped up - and we'll let you take it - complimentary!



    Read your manual - this is an important part of knowing your machine. You never know when you're going to get hung up while pulling an all nighter, we're not there to answer the phone and you can't find any sewing buddies up to help you.... So often the answer you need, the error message codes, troubleshooting tips to get you restarted are right there in that book!

    5) Ask questions.

    Lots of them! Ask us! Ask our teachers! Ask fellow shoppers! Ask vendors! Sewing enthusiasts and those in the business love to talk about sewing and love to share what they know! You can learn something and teach something from every conversation you have, whether it's something new, a better method, or a different way to do things.



    That old saying "there's no such thing as a dumb question" is so true - be curious about any/everything and your repertoire of skills and ideas will grow!

    6) Slow down.



    You really can get things done faster by slowing down! Take time to think and ease into what you're working on slowly and carefully and you'll make fewer mistakes.

    7) Practice.

    Sometimes, no matter how well you know what you need to do, it just takes practice to get better. Whether it's a sport, playing a musical instrument, training your dog - the knowledge is there, but it takes actual hands on practice to get the results you want (keep #2 in mind!). You might want to keep samples of what you try/make now and compare them to the same things at year's end after you've been sewing throughout the year - what a great way to see your progress!

    Finally - go back and read #1 - BE FEARLESS!

    And come in and see us at any of our six locations - we want to be your partners in sewing, quilting, and embroidery success!

    Now go forth and - sew something!

  • Tip! Saving Money On Machine Embroidery 5

    October 17, 2016

    Or perhaps better put - "saving time and making more money on machine embroidery"! Because the more time you save, the more you make!


    If you're embroidering as a business it's important to be as efficient as possible to maximize your profit.  We're often asked "what hoops will I need?"  Sometimes you just don't know until you get going and see what kind of orders you'll be handling. It's good to have an array of sizes, types (i.e. hat hoops) so you can handle any order.

    Pay attention to which hoops you're using the most.  Investing in multiples of those hoops can make you more profitable - while your machine is stitching one item, you're already hooping the next, creating a mini assembly line operation. When your machine stops you're ready to attach the next item and keep producing.

    Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X Brother Entrepreneur ProX PR1050X is the perfect business partner for your embroidery business!

    Getting into "production line" mode keeps your machine running continuously, minimizes down time rehooping and contributes directly to your bottom line. This is especially important if you're working on a machine with fewer or even a single needle, where rethreading is using valuable time and cutting into profit.

    A small cost to ramp up your profit, it's also a good consideration even if you embroider for pleasure. We're often making multiples and it keeps things moving along to get our projects done faster!

    Come on in to any of our stores for free consultation on the best products and supplies for your embroidery business, how to work efficiently - and maximize your profits!

    Speaking of all this stitching - do you have a C.P.P. for your machine? That's a "Complete Protection Package" - it covers 100% of all repairs and maintenance associated with your machine including the cost of all parts and labor - essential to keep a business up and running.  We'll keep you covered so you'll have peace of mind when your machine is stitching away! Give us a call or come on in so we can discuss the plan for your machine!

  • It's National Handbag Day!

    October 10, 2016

    Who knew October 10th is National Handbag Day?!  It was a surprise to us!

    Do you make bags? We've seen some beautiful bags our customers have brought in to show us (how about sharing some pictures on our Facebook page for all to see?!).  Here are some amazingly stitched bags from one of our instructors, Linda Snuggs -

    Linda Snuggs 4 Linda Snuggs 3 Linda Snuggs 2

    Sew - how about you? Do you make purses or bags? There are some fun, easy options you can do right in the hoop - check out these Anita Goodesign options -

    Anita Goodesign Blossom Bag Anita Goodesign Blossom Bag

    Anita Goodesign Hobo Bag Anita Goodesign Hobo Bag

    These totes are so versatile - use them as your handbag or for your supplies to bring to class, all the things you need for a day at the beach, or your carryall when attending events and shows!

    Anita Goodesign Patchwork Tote Anita Goodesign Patchwork Tote

    We love the way this one uses the popular zendoodle look! This is perfect for so many looks - tone on tone, school colors, multicolored patches - you're the designer!

    Anita Goodesign Carried Away Anita Goodesign Carried Away

    Instructor Michele Rank incorporates her love for zippers into some of her bags (and her love for wild animals too!) -

    Michele Rank 10 Michele Rank 22

    We know not everyone has a love for inserting zippers, but it's super easy to do in your embroidery hoop - these small bags are perfect for small things in your big bag - use them for makeup, glasses, change, and more!

    Anita Goodesign Invisible Bags Anita Goodesign Invisible Bags

    Anita Goodesign Glamour Bags Anita Goodesign Glamour Bags

    And if you don't have an embroidery machine (yet!) - come on in to any of our six locations and let us show you things you never imagined you'd use it for! You'll be amazed at all the things they're used for!

    So now that you know it's National Handbag Day - you have a good excuse to treat yourself to a new bag - new design set, new sewing or embroidery machine to make it with - we'd love to celebrate National Handbag Day with you!


  • Tip! Patch Work - A Quicker Way to Sew On Those Scout Patches!

    September 13, 2016

    Every fall we get questions from customers about best ways to sew on patches for those new scout uniforms. There are a lot to sew right at the start - troop number, region, flags, and more!

    Scout Patches Example

    (Picture for example only - use your handbook for proper placement!)

    And of course as your scout (or other group member - there are a lot out there that have patches!) is more active - the more there will be to sew on!

    We came up with this efficient method that works great, always looks good, and saves time!

    Use YLI Wonder Invisible Thread as your top thread - since you can't see it, it matches everything! (And - if your stitching isn't just perfect - no one will know!)

    Invisible Thread YLI

    Get YLI Wonder Invisible Thread

    Use regular sewing thread in the bobbin i.e. Metrosene or Mettler Silk Finish Cotton, to match the garment you're sewing to.

    Now you can sew on any/all patches without having to change threads to match! Gets them done faster and looks good front and back!

    And -- this is just what you need for creating that hand stitched look quilting on your sewing machine! It's just one of those many sewing tools and notions you always want to have on hand!

  • Tip! Saving Money On Machine Embroidery 4

    September 1, 2016

    We made it through a week of tech parties, followed by Sew Fun week, several staffers are wrapping up at Baby Lock convention and we're getting ready for the L.A. County Fair! What does all that mean for you?  Great deals on fantastic new sewing, quilting and embroidery products!

    We know you're excited about all those creative ideas you got at Tech Party - and the new equipment to make it happen!  (If you missed it, don't miss L.A. County Fair deals -- starting NOW! You don't have to go to the fair, park, eat all that fair food... well maybe that's worth the drive... )

    Fair Food

    We'll be offering all Fair specials in all our stores! We want you to know how very much it means to be your creative partner. We appreciate your business, and as part of our commitment to education, want to give you tips for all kinds of sewing related activities, as well as - saving money!

    If you use water soluble stabilizer for machine embroidery -- water soluble mesh, as used for free standing lace, 3D embroidery and more (we love Floriani's Wet N Gone - it comes in fusible and non fusible versions) -

    Floriani Wet n Gone

    Get Wet N Gone!

    you know there are always pieces leftover.  So big you don't want to just throw it away... but too small to hoop. It just accumulates... Here's a way to use those pieces and stretch your stabilizer dollars!  Use water soluble thread - YLI Wash-A-Way Water Soluble Basting Thread is perfect!

    Wash Away Water Soluble Thread

    I need Wash-A-Way!

    Stitch those larger pieces together with the water soluble thread - use it in your needle and bobbin - until they're big enough to hoop. Now you've joined your scraps to create hoopable size pieces! You'll save on stabilizer, and the thread will dissolve along with the stabilizer.

    YLI Wash-A-Way Water Soluble Basting Thread is also perfect for - basting - as it says. Baste quilts, garments, hems, and more, and your items will stay together while you do your permanent stitching but disappear in the wash.

    Here's a great video on using Wet N Gone successfully!  Now get stitching and show us what you made! We'd love to see your project photos on our our Facebook page!




  • It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    August 11, 2016

    It's -- Tech Party Time!  And it's FREE!  But you must let us know you're coming! Better yet let us know you're bringing a friend!

    August 13th - 20th, 2016!

    9 a.m. - noon -- or -- 2 p.m. - 5 p..m.   August 13th - Temecula; August 16th - Victorville; August 17th - Corona; August 18th - Orange; August 19th - Huntington Beach; August 20th - Mission Viejo!  CLICK HERE to sign up online NOW!  Or just give us a call!

    Look at what George and the staff has been ogling at convention - we can't wait to show it off in the stores during our annual Tech Party - our "Sewing Technology" party - week!

    Are you interested in: Quilting... Embroidery... Software... Sewing Home Dec... Clothing Construction... Crafting... Multi Needle Machines and Business... Refreshments!... If you answered "YES!" to any of these - you DO NOT want to miss the 2016 Tech Party!

    If you've ever been to one of our Tech Parties you know you always see more than what's in the videos, we always have lots more product to show you! Often our manufacturers give us special privileges of having actual new products on hand just for YOU, our Tech Party guests!

    What are some of the new things you'll see and hear about this year? How about...

    New Brother Machines and Software Packages! Including the new Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X ten needle! Dream Machine 2 with some major OOH! AHH! features!  It'll be there - in person! Have an original Dream Machine? No worries - there's an Upgrade Pack for you!

    And yes, there is a Baby Lock Destiny II version also - check this out (drool alert!) --

    Quilters - you're going to love the Dream Quilter™ 15DQLT15 15" Mid-Arm Quilting Machine and Dream Motion™ & Dream Motion™ PRO Software with Quilting Automation! (And you can use it on your Dream frame!)

    What's better than seeing videos of all these great new features, functions, machines, software and accessories?  Seeing it all - and Moore! - demonstrated in person of course!

    And - SPECIALS! Did we mention the special deals you get at Tech Party?! That's just one of the big reasons - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    It's FREE - but space is limited so call us, come in, or sign up online today!

  • Tip! Make Your Serger Your New Cutting Machine!

    July 22, 2016

    Is this your new cutting machine? Maybe!

    Enlighten 1

    Did you know - you can use your serger for perfect cut edges - even if you're not stitching!

    Think... flounces with curved edges… a non raveling fabric that doesn’t need a finished hem… cutting along marked lines on your fabric... cutting long pieces when you don't have the space to lay out the fabric length or don't want to use a rotary cutter, mat and ruler. This technique is perfect for circles or wavy lines or any curve that always ends up with “choppy” scissor cut lines!

    Circle Wavy Line

    And it's so easy!  Remove thread and needles from your serger then run the fabric through aligning the edge you want cut with the blade. You can precut those curves then just barely knick the edges when you "serge" to smooth and perfect the curves.

    We've used this technique for knit garments with a raw edge look for the neckline, sleeves and hems... cutting circles or trimming curves where we want a perfect cutting line to guide our sewing... or those flounces we see on so many garments - like McCall's pattern 5853 - those flounces are long curves that are crazy to cut with scissors and have a perfect outcome, but they're sure to come out smooth and perfect with this technique!

    McCalls 5853

    Sergers are great for sew many things. If you don't have one yet, come on in and try them out! And if you have one you may be underutilizing, sign up for a class! Check our classes here - sign up for a free guide class or one of the many special project classes to get the most from your serger!

  • Tip! Prevent Needles From Falling Into Your Machine

    July 2, 2016

    That moment...when you're changing a needle and the one you're removing or the one you're inserting falls into your machine - or worse - your serger.  We've all had that happen!  Now, depending on how far it fell, you have to play detective...


    ... to find it. And you must find it to make sure it doesn't interfere with any working parts and cause any damage to your machine.

    To keep your machine safe, before removing a needle, place a piece of paper or a Post-It note under the foot. We also recommend using a needle holder tool - if it didn't come with your machine come see us and we'll get you set up - but in case you don't have one or it falls anyway, the tip will just hit the paper and your needle won't fall in!

    Needle Drop 1

    Isn't that just too simple?! We've shown this on a serger - some even come with a needle catcher in the bottom of the machine to catch your needle if it does fall - Baby Lock Ovation, Baby Lock Evolution Baby Lock Enlighten - we'll be happy to show you how it works at any of our stores!

    And - did you notice that clear foot? We're loving this Baby Lock serger foot  (shown on a Baby Lock Evolution) more and more as our go to foot. It's configured just like the regular foot that comes on the machine, but it's truly see through - you can follow your stitching line right on target... see exactly where your machine is stitching! No guesswork, and your stitching will be more precise! Come see it in person and you'll see how much your view of what you're stitching can be improved!

    Baby Lock Clear Foot Serger

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