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  • Scan N Cut does Rhinestone Designs

    August 14, 2014

    title-imageI love the Scan N Cut machine, but... I did not like the process of getting the applique shapes from an embroidery design so I could cut them with my Scan N Cut, and I wanted to be able to add or convert parts of my embroidery design to rhinestones. The solution to the old shortcomings is Artistic SimpleCut software.

    The Artistic software has the ability to create shapes, motifs, and designs and save them in the file format that the Scan N Cut understands. You can cut fabric for applique, templates for crystal designs, and vinyl to adhere to shirts, glassware, walls, car windows or mirrors.

    If you already own Artistic Crystal Software v6, there is a free update on their website to Artistic SimpleCut v7 (formerly Artistic Crystal). The new update is compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut.

    The content of this blog is written with the assumption that you are already using your Artistic software to create comparable files for use with a Silhouette cutting machine. If you are not already using the software, or do not own the software, check the Moore's Website or contact your local Moore's store for class schedules.

    Creating .FCM file(s) for the Scan N Cut


    The screen shot above (from Artistic Crystal or Artistic Simple Cut) contains both fabric outlines  and crystal outlines.  To use your Scan N Cut to cut fabric pieces and a crystal template, you must create TWO categories of computer files in the .FCM format. One category is 'outlines' and the other is 'crystals'. The following steps summarize how to create a .FCM file for the Scan N Cut.

    1. Click on File. 2. Click on Export 3. Click on To Crystal/Cutters...

    Note: the image you see will be saved as an .FCM format file. If your design contains both Crystals and Artwork, you must repeat this process for each setting category applicable in the 'Settings' list. Separate .FCM format files will be created.

    4. Choose applicable setting category. 5. Click on the FCM image icon on left side. 2014-07-10_062317

    6. Type in a unique file name and select where you want to save the file. Eventually, you will need to copy/save the file on a USB memory stick to transfer the file to the Scan N Cut. 7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 if you are creating both cutting files and crystal files.

    Making a Rhinestone Template

    Material List: Rhinestone template vinyl Rhinestone transfer tape Scan N Cut regular mat Scan N Cut deep cut blade Backer board



    1. To open a .FCM file, select Pattern on the home screen.


    2. Select USB icon.


    3. Select the file you want from the available files displayed.


    4. Click on OK 5. Place a piece of rhinestone template vinyl on a regular mat. 100_7660

    6. Load the mat.


    7. Adjust the settings for YOUR rhinestone template vinyl. I used a new deep cut blade and the following settings: Blade 5, Pressure 1, Speed 3

    Always do a test cut (away from the area you will cut the design) to assure you have the correct settings for your machine.


    8. Scan the mat so you can accurately place your design on a portion of the rhinestone vinyl.


    9. If you want to move the shapes at this point, click on the top icon and it will open the next screen.


    9a. Click on the move icon.


    9b. By using these arrows you can easily move the design.


    10. With the shapes in an appropriate location, click on the Cut button and then the Start button.


    11. A view of the completed rhinestone cuts for the sample design.


    12. Remove the rhinestone vinyl AND its backing sheet from mat.


    13. Remove rhinestone vinyl from backing sheet. It is important to clear all the holes from the vinyl BEFORE sticking the vinyl to a backer board. The rhinestone dots should remain on the backing sheet. Remove any remaining dots by pushing them out with something about as big around as the dot.


    14. Place the rhinestone vinyl template on backer board and set aside until needed.

    Cutting Embroidery Design Applique shape from Fabric

    Use a .FCM file for fabric shape(s) that you have already created. Follow steps 1 through 4 in the previous section to load the file into the Scan N Cut.

    Material List: Regular Scan N Cut blade Regular Scan N Cut mat Fabric with Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder fused to the backside.

    When exporting an applique design that has more than one piece, the program creates several files in a single operation. You will find a file for each piece and a file that contains all of them. This palm tree design created three files. I selected the file that had both the top and the bottom (all the fabric pieces).


    1. Open the .FCM file in the Scan N Cut.


    2. Place fabric on the regular mat


    3. Scan the mat with fabric and move the shapes onto the appropriate fabric piece that you want them to cut.


    4. Use the Scan N Cut recommended settings to cut the fabric. If you don't get good results when you make the test cut, you should adjust your settings according to the blade condition and the actual material you are cutting.


    5. After a placement line has been sewn, place the appropriate piece of fabric on the line. You can skip any tack down stitch and proceed to sew the design. The Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder is tacky and will hold the fabric in place while the machine does the final stitching.


    6. Remove the project from the hoop and add rhinestones.

    Adding Rhinestones


    1. Brush rhinestones into template. You may have a separate template for each size and/or color of rhinestones in the design.


    2. Pick up rhinestones with transfer tape.


    3. Place the rhinestone design where you want it on the fabric. Heat set the stones using the recommended time and temperature for the size and type of stones you selected.

    Armed with this knowledge, go create some bling!!!!........


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