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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Tip!

    June 30, 2015

    Lengthen your usual stitch length for garment sewing.   If there is stress on a seam and you've used a short stitch length your seam may stay sewn - but the stress will cause your fabric to pull and tear.  This typically can't be repaired without taking in the seam, causing more stress.  With a longer stitch length (we recommend starting with 3.0) you'll have a better chance of saving your fabric!  Store your favorite new stitch setting in your personal menu of your sewing machine so you can go right to it when you sew!  Not sure how to do that?  Come on in and let us show you how! 


  • Tip!

    June 30, 2015

    What do summer, swimming pools and pool noodles have to do with sewing?   Pool noodles are great for storing your quilt or other sewing-in-progress without wrinkles or folds!  Just roll your work onto the noodle and pin in place.  They're easily pinnable and don't take up much space!  Summer is here and they're readily available! 

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    Quilting Pins

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  • Welcome!

    June 30, 2015

    Welcome to the Moore's Blog!

    Whether you're new or rejoining us after we were "on hiatus" we're glad to have you here!  We've been quiet for awhile but look forward to keeping in touch regularly now!

    We'll be bringing you projects each month we hope you'll enjoy, and tips throughout the month to help make your sewing experience a better one!

    If you haven't been in your local Moore's store in awhile we hope you'll stop in.  We'd love to see you and get reacquainted and show you what's new!  Speaking of what's new -- we are proud to add the Janome brand to our family of fine sewing/quilting/embroidery machines and sergers!  Did you know -- you can actually "sew wirelessly" with an iPad on a Janome?  Come on in and let us show you how (and how you can get a FREE iPad!).   The Three Stitches give you a preview here.

    Janome 15000 Janome 15000



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