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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Tip! Embroidery Thread Matching and Conversion

    July 31, 2015

    Did you know... there's a great Floriani app for your Apple device (Android is in the works!) to convert thread?  It features 16 different thread lines and gives you an array of choices to match from one to another!  A quick, easy way to find just the right thread!  It has shopping list, thread organizer, and more features as well! To match your Floriani threads with real thread samples (in case you don't have all colors on hand - we can help with that!), this Floriani Thread Chart is invaluable.  It features real thread samples for a true match -- polyesters, metallic, variegated.  It folds out to 6 pages, and is a color matching aid you'll want to keep with you to check out your threads in all kinds of lighting situations!

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    Floriani Chart 1





  • Tip! Rotary Cutter Size Matters!

    July 29, 2015


    Cutting curves can be so much easier with a smaller rotary cutter!

    Whether curved quilt pieces, armholes, necklines, sleeves -- you can get a more precise cut with a smaller diameter blade.  The 28mm shown lets you get that precision and saves your bigger cutters for heavier fabrics or more layers.  It really is convenient to have a variety of sizes on hand!

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