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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Tip! Storing Your Cutting Mat

    October 28, 2015
    Olfa Mat 24 x 36

    Cutting mats have become a regular part of our sewing tools haven't they?  Whether or not you're a quilter, you may well have one... or two... or more!  Different sizes, configurations, and markings make more than one necessary!

    But they are an investment and can be a large item to store. To protect your investment and keep your cutting mat in good condition we have some ideas for safe storage, especially if space is at a premium!

    1) Slide it under a bed. It's dark, it's cool, it's flat. It's a cutting mat's best friend (next to you!);

    2) Slide it behind a piece of furniture large enough that it will stay flat against the wall - a bookcase, dresser, drawers in your sewing room;

    3) Place it between the mattress and box springs of your bed;

    4) Hang it in the closet - it can be clipped to a hanger using clothespins or hangers with clips for hanging pants or skirts;

    5) Slide it between the washer and dryer;

    6) If you have a formal dining table with cover, hide it between the cover and table - place a piece of soft fabric beneath it to ensure your table is protected.

    Try not to roll it if not absolutely necessary. They can be reflattened, but not always fast enough for when you need to use it! And sometimes if they've been warped too badly the best plan to get the best results for your project is to replace your mat and use these storage tips from the start.

    And, no matter how beat you are after that great sewing class, quilting retreat, shopping spree - never leave it in your car!  Even if it seems flat, high temps - even higher in the car - can cause warping and damage. (But just in case something like this happened to you - we can fix you up with a new one!)

    Olfa Mat 24 x 36

    Buy me!

  • Tip! Closeups of Blog Project and Tip Photos!

    October 28, 2015

    We know it's not always easy to see detail as well as you might like in the Tip and Project pictures...

    Did you know - if you just click on the photos you'll get a nice big closeup that's easy to see?

    Yep! Give it a try below! Click it - and see what happens!

  • Teacher Feature: Linda Snuggs

    October 15, 2015


    Linda Snuggs 1

    Linda Snuggs


    Linda started sewing when she was about seven years old, making clothes for - her cat! (The cat wasn't having any part of playing dress up, even in custom made clothing!) Not deterred by an unappreciative recipient, she kept playing with different fabrics really not making much of anything. Like many who have been sewing a long time, she made all her clothes in high school, and sewed for her children when they were little.

    When Linda retired 11 years ago she decided she wanted to make fun things - we all have a different idea of what fun things are - she decided to try quilting and machine embroidery. Her description - "The first quilt I put together was a disaster --"  (we all have them!) --


    "We bought a new 5th wheel to do some traveling and I tried to make a quilt for the bed using some of the fabric from the comforter that was on the bed.  I purchased so many fabrics to add to it, it looked awful! I used polyester batting and it was so thick I couldn't even get it through my old singer machine. So I quilted it by hand, another disaster, but I used it anyway and never gave up."

    It's SEW important not to give up after a disaster, but to learn from it. Thank you for that Linda! Here are some quilts she's created since -- they show off her love for machine embroidery -

    Linda Snuggs 5 Linda Snuggs 14

    Linda started teaching classes and doing Diamond Club for Moore's three years ago, and now leads the club at our Corona and Temecula locations. Though she's had to cut back on teaching she's continued with Diamond club and says "I'm having so much fun and have met many nice people,  I have also made lasting friendships." That's a common sentiment among our instructors - did you know they're having as much fun in class/club as you are?! (Find out more about Diamond Club - click the photo or link below! )

    AG Diamond Club Kit

    Tell me about Diamond Club!

    The fun and inspiration begin long before class, a lot of thought, time, and creativity are put into the project you see as final at club. Linda's patience, perseverence creativity and dedication inspire us all with these embroidery projects -

    Linda Snuggs 8 Linda Snuggs 12Linda Snuggs 11 Linda Snuggs 10

    Along with the quilts, holiday items, home dec, and wearables, Linda's shown us how beautiful  it can be to be a bag lady!

    Linda Snuggs 4 Linda Snuggs 3 Linda Snuggs 2

    We're showing you a lot of Linda's projects, but when asked what she's most proud of she has a few --"The most meaningful to me are the ones that my daughter has chosen to display in her home.  Another meaningful piece was the one I made for the Gold Star Dads of America.  With permission from Steve Wilson (Owner & Master Digitizer of Anita Goodesign)  I embroidered the Pledge of Allegiance and donated it to Gold Star Dads of America through Moore's. Gold Star Dads of America auctioned it off and made $350!

    Linda Snuggs 1

    Here is the Anita Goodesign Pledge of Allegiance design collection she used -

    AG Pledge

    Add this to my cart! 

    We have so many customers who do charitable sewing, and many stores have designated times for these worthy efforts -- get involved!  Check the store calendars or call any location to see how you can be a part of it all!  Click here for phone numbers and locations!

    Even if you're not able to get to one of Linda's clubs, she's generously shared her wisdom and experience with these important tips:


    1.  If you are new to machine embroidery I suggest you start with small projects that will not overwhelm you, remember you need to take baby steps before you run.  Get involved, take some classes, go to educational events, join support groups.  Most importantly -- never give up!

    2.  If you are past the beginner stage and ready to try something more challenging - DO IT! Remember you have support all around you through Moore's staff, they are always willing to help!

    3.  Stay educated on the newest products and up to date on fast and easy tips regarding your hobby.

    4.  Think outside the box, if you have a quilting design and don't want to use it as a quilt,  think "how can I use it, maybe turn it into a tote bag." Let your creative self take you anywhere you want!

    5.  Diamond Club meetings at Moore's are free to everyone! Not only will you see the newest designs, you will also get some educating tips and hints.  Lots of question and answer time. (Linda even sticks around to help one on one!).  Check out the Project Club and Anita Goodesign Workshops for hands on learning. Be ready to have fun and make friends! Call a store for dates/times - Moore's phone numbers here! - or check our online calendars Here - click the "Classes" tab to choose a store!

    6.  One last important point -- free refreshments served at Diamond Club!

    We'd like to thank Linda for her time spent in and out of the store for clubs and classes, and for sharing pictures and doing this interview.

    And - whether you're just thinking about trying machine embroidery or are well experienced, there's something new for you at our upcoming 2015 Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party! - the theme is The Perfect Sewing Room!  October 24-25 in Ontario, or November 21-22 in Long Beach!  Hurry, before they fill up!  Click HERE to learn more and register!

    AG Party 2015 1 AG Party 2015 2




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