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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Tip! How to Use Your Seam Ripper

    December 15, 2015

    Clover Seam Ripper

    Get this seam ripper!

    We all know how to use a seam ripper - right?!  Some of us get a LOT of practice!

    Have you ever ripped/torn something you didn't mean to? Poked yourself with that sharp tip?

    What if you found out you were using your seam ripper incorrectly? (Don't be embarrassed... some of us have been doing this our entire sewing life!)  We often use this important tool with the longer, pointed side down.  Unfortunately sometimes that means that sharp point rips through something we didn't want to, or gets caught up in threads and interferes with our "ripping momentum".

    Turn it the other way - long sharp point on top - short side with "ball" protector on  the bottom.  You won't tear through something from below with this protection, and you really can rip through a much longer seam faster and more efficiently.  Such an easy thing to do for faster, better results!  Photos below show you what we're talking about!  (The project shown is a quilt in progress made from Bali Pops - these beautiful Bali fabrics come packaged in coordinating strips in a variety of colorways and themes featuring batiks and even some metallic glitz! They're versatile in so many ways for quilts and other projects.  Visit a Moore's location to get a real look at their beauty and get inspired!)

    Seam Ripper 2 Seam Ripper 1


    We really like the Clover Seam Ripper shown above - click the link or photo to get yours!  It fits so many hand sizes and the grip makes it easy to hold onto for greater precision!


  • Sew Steady = Sew Better!

    December 11, 2015

    Except for the very smallest projects, when we sew we usually have fabric falling all over beyond the sewing machine... Think about those quilts, clothing items, large home dec pieces, and more.

    The bigger or heavier or stretchier or more fluid the item, the more it can fight you in the sewing process resulting in less than optimum stitching, and frustration fighting with your project instead of loving your sewing time!

    Our BIG Sew Steady Wish Table will be your new sewing BFF!  (And - it's Made in the USA!)

    Sew Steady Wish 2 - Copy

    Get one now - Save almost $100!

    The Wish table is so named because it includes the wishes of sew many quilters and sewers alike!  First - it's BIG. Size does matter! A huge 22-1/2" x 25-1/2", it adds support for large projects (and small!) and keeps your fabric moving easily!  Working with knits? Bias? It's especially important to keep these supported to avoid stretching out of shape!

    But it's more than a table --

    The beveled edges are smooth and fabric friendly, no snags or catches and fabric moves easily over the edge.  A 9"x14" compartmentalized notions/accessory drawer is built in so your most needed tools are right there for you without moving away from the machine -

    Sew Steady Wish 5

    Yes - I want it!

    The Circle Sewing Tool is included - you can easily stitch circles from about 2" to over 20", 3/8" apart.  Quilt your blocks with a single or concentric circles for an echo effect.  Use those gazillion decorative stitches for embellishment! You're only limited by your imagination! And you'll have full support from your table as you rotate your fabric!

    Sew Steady Wish 6

    Okay! Put it in my cart!

    Forget looking around for your measuring tape or hem gauge - the Universal Table Grid provides a ruler and grid for easy measuring while you sit at your machine! 30, 45 and 60 degree angles are also marked!

    Sew Steady Wish 4

    This is a time saver - put it in my bag!

    Your table's not going to wiggle while you work - the added Table Lock keeps everything firmly in place -

    Sew Steady Wish 3 - Copy

    Yes! Let's lock in this special price! 

    And if you'd like to take it to class, a retreat, sewing with friends, or just can't leave it up all the time (we understand sometimes you actually have to use the dining table - for dining!) - we're including the large 26"x26" Travel Bag - FREE!  It has a convenient double zipper, outside pocket and large inside pocket to store your tools!  The table and all it comes with is a $200 value... with the Travel Bag total value is $248!

    Our Holiday Special - get the whole package - for just $149!

    Your table is custom made to fit YOUR machine.  Sewing machine - or serger! Sew - if you're using your serger (and if you're not come see us so we can figure out how to make that happen!), you need one of these for your serger too!  Knits and costume fabrics will be especially easier!

    Just click the photo or link below and we'll make your holiday wish come true!

    Sew Steady Wish 1

    Save nearly $100 - Order NOW!




  • Tip! An Inch is an Inch ... or is it?!

    December 3, 2015


    An inch is an inch is... not an inch?!

    We hope you won't be far into a project before getting an ugly surprise like this!

    Truth is, not all measuring tools measure equally.  Some can be the slightest little bit off, others can be marked with lines or markings so thick that there's variation in what "an inch" really is.  This may not matter sometimes if being a little off isn't going to show or affect your project. For example, 1/16" in a 5/8" seam allowance on a garment may not be the difference between "fits" and "doesn't fit" (though it does add up if you have a lot of seams!).  But if you need a precise 1/4" for a perfectly pieced quilt - 1/16" is BIG!

    Sticking with one measuring tool throughout a project will ensure consistent measurements.  We know sometimes that's just  not realistic, but at least choose the tool that will be your benchmark and check any other rulers, tapes, or measuring devices against it before marking or cutting to see if you need to accommodate any variance.

    Do you still have mom's or grandma's cloth measuring tape?  We often get requests for a cloth (vs. plastic) tape. The problem with these is that they can stretch over time and not really measure just what they say.  So keep it around with any of her other sewing goodies for sentimental reasons, but invest a small amount in a new tape like the one below which has large easy to read numbers, won't stretch, fray or fade. Check your hem gauges, grids, rulers and other measuring tools and record any notes about how each of these critical tools may differ vs. your "benchmark' measuring tool.

    60 Inch Tape Measure

    Buy it now!

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