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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Tip! Storing Those Patterns....

    January 26, 2016

    If you're like some of us, you may have collected a few patterns ... maybe more than a few ... a few hundred ... thousand?!  (It's ok. Your secret's safe with us! We completely understand how the collection grows and grows...)

    It's the perfect time of year to build your free storage system for those patterns - Girl Scout Cookie time is here!

    We found the cardboard cartons that the cookie boxes come in are perfectly sized for pattern storage.  You can cover them with fabric (we know you have a stash...), decorative adhesive paper to match your sewing area, or just leave them in their natural state!

    When you buy Girl Scout cookies you're helping girls (and your sweet tooth!) in so many ways. And it's a big help to offer to take those containers off their hands and recycle them for good use in your sewing space!

    Girl Scout Cookie Boxes
  • Tip! Saving Money On Machine Embroidery 1

    January 16, 2016

    Don't you just love your embroidery machine?  You can customize anything to match your decor or clothing perfectly, make fantastic gifts designed just for your recipient, even create entire quilts or quilt in your hoop! We're always asked when someone gets their first machine how much thread or what color threads they should get.

    Floriani 100 Thread Set 3

    We recommend doing a test stitch out before embroidering on your actual item or starting a project. And we understand that does use your thread and supplies.  But doing so saves money and time by avoiding mistakes. You can save by buying more...

    Floriani 100 Thread Set 1

    Our Floriani thread sets are a great investment for a new or experienced embroider. Ask your Moore's associate about special pricing on these (we can't even advertise it here!). Going to Road to California? We'll be there January 21-24, 2016 -- ask us there (tell us you read about it here ;)  You can download the whole Road to California Buyer's Guide from our website!)

    You'll find that your cost per spool is a fantastic deal. "But I won't use some of these colors..." - those are the colors you can use in your sample stitchouts to check for size, density, fill, etc.!  You won't use up the colors you do want in your thread collection, but you'll have gotten them - and your test threads better priced!

    Floriani 100 Thread Set 2

    They come in 100 spool sets (three different sets!), and newest colors in a 60 spool set -

    Floriani 60 Thread Set

    The surest way to know you always have the color you need on hand is, of course, to get all 360 colors! Even if you can't get the all at once, start with one of the 100 spool sets - you'll have a great selection for your first projects and maybe even a color or few that aren't your favorites that you'll use to tryout your design!

    Happy stitching!


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