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  • Teacher Feature: Michele Rank

    March 29, 2016


    Michele Rank

    Michele Rank - Huntington Beach

    This seemed like the most appropriate photo of Michele - in her craft room with a quilt - places and things she loves! Have you checked out Michele's classes at our Huntington Beach store?  We were loving what we saw in her class quilts - but we're really loving seeing sew much more of her creativity! Read more about her - but you'll have lots of pictures to ogle (and inspiration) along the way!

    Michele Rank 18

    We each have things we love to sew most - for Michele it was an easy answer - "I am a quilt obsessed girl!" (lucky for us, our customers have much to learn from her obsession!).  In fact, she's been known to make a quilt a week for months on end - no wonder there are so many beautiful pics to share -

    Michele Rank 8

    The one she's most proud of, for so many reasons, is her "Alaska Memorial" quilt, made as a gift for her husband Tim. One of their trips to Alaska is the highlight of all vacations after Tim surprised her with with a semi-private float plane bear excursion.  On return she asked what his favorite animals on the trip were - then she hand drafted each -

    Michele Rank 1

    ... rendered them in fabric, and turned them into this fabulous quilt, using the quilt-as-you-go style so she could do some free motion thread work -

    Michele Rank 2

    Here it is being happily snuggled up in!

    Michele Rank 3

    (We're not sure who's had more fun with it, Michele creating and making it, or Tim enjoying it!)

    We've all had projects we remember because they didn't turn out quite as expected... right?  But those are all learning opportunities!  Michele doesn't have a "least favorite' for that reason but there is one that comes to mind that was particularly frustrating --

    "I will say that the one quilt that drove me nuts was most likely the 3rd or 4th quilt I ever made. I picked fabrics and got some graph paper out to design my own blocks. I am a self taught quilter as an adult. As a young child my grandmother taught me quilting and the love to sew that I used as a base for my quilting adventure. So, I made some block designs and then picked out fabrics that I fell in love with. Made each block and then started to assemble them only to lose my points because of my lack of knowledge. I was so frustrated and ripped out the seams and started over several times.  I asked a friend what was wrong and she very nicely pointed out that I did not allow for seams in my design so it would never line up right."  You're not alone Michele! Show of hands - who's made the same or similar kinds of mistakes?!


    Luckily she has a "lemons to lemonade" outlook -  "I was so frustrated and then realized I still loved the fabrics and colors and would finish the quilt. This quilt is not put away and forgotten it is displayed on a chair in house, and I still remember the process and emotion that went with it. I am not a perfect quilter, I think of myself as a free spirit with design and style. I like what I like, this quilt holds a special spot in my heart."

    No wonder she has so much to teach us - Michele admits to spending most of her time sewing and quilting. It's evident from all the great photos she's shared --

    Michele Rank 6Michele Rank 12Michele Rank 11Michele Rank 13

    She has an enviable craft room!  She lists " 7 sewing machines, tubs and tubs full of fabric, bins of threads, more tools that really are required, I think I have 6 rotary cutters, and endless supply of notions..." among her supplies!  Ok who can relate to that?? (And if you're not sure why 7 sewing machine seems perfectly normal - come see us! Click for store locations and hours.)

    Look at more of the beautiful work that comes out of that craft room - and her imagination and heart --

    Michele Rank 4Michele Rank 19Michele Rank 9Michele Rank 21

    What challenges you?  For Michele it's been zippers, buttonholes and curved/round piecing.  She now claims to love zippers - she's obviously mastered them, look at these bags -- Michele Rank 10Michele Rank 23

    As for curved/round piecing - " It only took time to jump in and start learning and playing around with these shapes."  Jump in - those are important words.  We hear about all kinds of "sewing fears" in the stores, the best way to get over any of them is - as Michele said - just jump in!  Now that we know our own teachers have their own challenges, let's make a plan to jump in and try something we've avoided, put off or feared - we'd love to hear your experience! You can reply here or share with us on Moore's Facebook page - nothing inspires like seeing/learning what others are doing! (Michele - your assignment is - buttonholes!!!)

    Every one of Moore's teachers teaches because they love it.  Each loves it for different reasons.  Michele's been sharing her love of creating for a long time - "In my background I was a consultant for a rubber stamping and scrapbooking company where I taught customers how to use product and design papercrafts. I did this for over 20 years & enjoyed sharing my passions. This just spilled over into quilting. Sharing and seeing what others have finished is a treat for me. I think quilting is such a social craft that started out in quilt bees. It is a natural transition for me to delight in seeing what others have made. And in turn If I can help share my talent with anyone else I am more than happy to do so. I love meeting new people and the teaching element is a pleasure to me."

    Michele Rank 20Michele Rank 5

    Of course whenever we ask our teachers what they love to do "sew!" is always the first answer. Michele also loves wildlife photography, gardening and laughing....  We love the diversity of interests and passions and random trivia she shared when we asked her to share more about herself --" I love color and patterns and love to mix up fabrics... Favorite color is purple... I drink water like a fish... I have had many jobs in my life but my greatest is my 3 children...

    (Check out these quilts she made for each of her boy's birthdays! Lucky guys!)

    Michele Rank 17Michele Rank 16Michele Rank 15

    Born and raised California girl... I have a 2 pets, a kitty that adopted us name "Chicken" and a rabbit named "Waffles"... If I hear music I most likely will start to sing... Laughter and friendship fill my sails... Asparagus is my favorite veggie & a pineapple is my favorite fruit.... Do not nap or watch TV during the day as a rule, unless I am sick... All time favorite vacation: Australian 2 month camping trip. But, put me in the mountains, dessert or beach & I will smile with glee...."

    We love your upbeat attitude Michele!  We're sure you'd like taking a class from her!  Please check Michele's classes online!  We hope to see more offerings in the future!

    Want more inspiration and help with finishing your beautiful quilts? Look at the upcoming Juki events at our Huntington Beach store --  just click the links below!

    Juki Walk Before You Run Quilting Event!

    Juki TL2200 Longarm Quilting Event!

    Everyone at Michele's house gets to wrap up in a quilt made with love and passion -

    Michele Rank 7

    We think it should be the same at your home!   Oh - and did we mention Michele's sense of humor? Well as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words...

    Michele Rank 24

    Thanks Michele!

  • Tip! Keep Those Hoops Clean and Happy with Felt Frames!

    March 29, 2016

    So many of the things we like to embroider are best "hooped" without actually hooping... towels, sweatshirts, velvets or other fabrics with nap, quilts where hoop marks may show. There are several options for doing this -

    One method to get these set to embroider is to use either a self adhesive sticky stabilizer such as Floriani Perfect Stick or Wet n Gone - find either of these in any Moore's  location in a variety of sizes -

    Floriani Perfect StickFloriani Wet n Gone

    But many prefer to hoop the stabilizer and use a spray adhesive to stick things down.  For this we recommend using a good tearaway or cutaway -

    Floriani Tearaway Medium Floriani Cutaway Medium

    Floriani Tearaway or Cutaway are also available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit all your needs!  (Please come in to any of our locations for a free stabilizer consult!) Then use a spray adhesive such as 505 or KK2000

    505 Spray Large Get 505!

    Sulky KK2000Get KK2000!

    to affix the item to the stabilizer.  (For best stitching results, use a basting stitch a little larger than your design to tack your project to the stabilizer. Some machines have a built in basting functions, some have built in frame designs that can work as a basting function.  Our free guide classes or special projects classes can teach you how!  Click here to browse classes! Or just come on in to find out more!)

    Spray adhesive is a great tool, something always good to keep on hand as it has more uses than just hooping (it's an excellent quilt baster!). But it can leave a sticky residue on your hoops, allowing dust or dirt to stick to them, eventually looking and feeling pretty grimey. Cleaning can be time consuming and troublesome.  Here's our really quick, simple solution -- fast to make, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it will keep your hoops in perfect shape!  Felt frames -

    Felt Frame 1

    We used regular craft felt to create these "hoop guards".  Start with a piece of felt larger than your hoop. Lay it on top of your hoop, Use a marking pen that works on felt and draw a line on the felt a bit inside the hoop - about 1/2" inside the inner hoop.  Cut out that inner portion to create a felt "frame".  Once you've hooped your stabilizer, lay your hoop on a flat surface, lay the felt frame on top, and spray the adhesive aiming straight down onto the stabilizer.  Lift your felt frame and - your hoop's nice and clean!

    Felt Frame 2

    Now go stitch something... then bring it in to show off! We love to see what you make!


  • Tip! Prevent Needles From Falling Into Your Machine!

    March 21, 2016

    Have you ever had that moment while changing your serger needle when in an instant - it drops inside the machine? (It's ok... it's happened to most of us!)  But you don't want your machine's performance compromised with a stray needle.

    When changing serger needles, place a piece of paper under the presser foot large enough to cover the needle opening and machine bed -  and avoid dropping needles into machine where they can be impossible to find.

    And have you ever accidentally turned that little needle screw just one twist too far and - it's gone?! This will keep them in sight too! (But we recommend using a needle holder and turning the screw VERY slightly just until it's loose enough to change the needle - it doesn't have to be too loose).

    Baby Lock has solved this with the Ovation serger - a needle drop tray with magnet is built into the machine (as well as a LOT of other innovation and convenience to make serging even more fun - come on in and let us show you!)

    Ovation 1

    Check out all the features - including a BIG work space, knee lift, speed control, LED lighting - and Moore! - on the Baby Lock Ovation! Click here!


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