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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Happy Summer! Send Your Machine on a Summer Vacation!

    June 20, 2016

    Today - June 20, 2016 - is officially the first day of Summer (though it's felt like it for awhile!).... Do you have vacation plans? Something big? Or maybe a "staycation"... or "sewcation"?!

    Your sewing machine can use some time off too! Summer vacation time is the perfect time to bring your machine in for its own spa vacay while you're away! Regular service and cleaning in areas we can't get into as users keeps your machine stitching beautifully. It's amazing how much a very small "lint blob" can interfere with perfect stitching and it can get worse if we let it go and keep building up!


    Our terrific techs are ready to give your machine the TLC it deserves!  And - it may even be - FREE! Do you have a CPP (Complete Protection Package) for your machine? If not, or if you're not sure, come on in to any Moore's location or give us a call to see if you're covered or could be!

    It's so easy to let your sewing best friend go for "just one more project" ...over and over... until it really NEEDS service and you don't have the time to spare - this pic from McCall's Patterns says it all -


    So many of our sewing friends have another machine just for this reason. Whether their machine is in for its annual service, needs an unexpected repair, or maybe they want something to take around to classes, travelling, sewing with friends - a second (third? fourth? Moore?!!) machine is always a good idea. Let us help you choose a good companion/backup for your main machine! Come see us in Mission Viejo, Orange, Huntington Beach, Corona, Victorville or Temecula today!

    Meanwhile - start summer off with a nice clean machine and you'll be set to stay in, stay cool, and stay stitchin' when it's just too hot to go out!

  • Tip! When to Sprint and When to Walk*

    June 13, 2016


    *No exercising necessary!

    Who knows what this is --

    Speed Control

    Is it something - just like this or something similar - you have on your sewing machine? And do you use it? We hope so! If not - you should! It could be one of your best sewing aids! Read on to see how this may be your new sewing BFF - the speed control!

    Sewing machine speeds just keep getting faster - that's great, because the faster you sew, the more time you have to - sew more (one of many good reasons to check out what's new - come on in to any of our stores and we'll show you!) - right? Sometimes you can set it to a sprinting speed and race through what you need to do! But sometimes the best way to get something done faster - and better - is to - SLOW DOWN!

    Sew Much Better!

    Are you a "pedal to the metal" sewer? (You can't see it but we're raising hands here - guilty!). Even if you've mastered sewing slower with your foot control, the speed control slider sets your speed so even if pushing the pedal to the floor you'll max out at the speed you've set. Why would you want to do this?

    -- You're trying something new - a project, fabric, foot, stitch - or -

    -- You're doing something that you haven't done for awhile

    -- You're working with a new machine

    -- You're teaching

    -- You want just a single motif, are sewing on a button, doing a mitered stitch, need to end at a precise point, a smooth curve - and more!

    -- You're working with distractions - sewing with friends, a class, or kids, husbands, pets wanting your attention too!

    -- You want your results precise, beautiful, better than ever!

    And when might you want to go faster?

    -- You're sewing long or tedious stretches - where you're simply stitching yards and yards of fabric

    -- You're doing a quick baste

    -- You're doing free motion work - quilting, embellishment, thread painting...

    Free Motion and Speed 

    Free motion doesn't HAVE to be fast - but the ability to keep speed constant is important in getting good results - particularly quilting.  Practice your free motion stitching at different speeds until you find something comfortable. We think a little faster is usually more comfortable and manageable than too slow.  But you can make it even better -

    14000 5

    Does your machine have a Start/Stop button like/similar to the green one in the picture?

    Once you've set your favorite speed for free motion - try stitching with the Start/Stop button instead of using your foot pedal - your speed will be constant and you can focus on using both hands for moving your fabric! The quality of your stitching depends on speed (fast, slow or somewhere in between), regularity (constant speed without fluctuation) and fabric movement - you just knocked out two variables!

    So while we're often asked "how fast will it go?" when showing a machine, how fast it CAN go isn't always how fast you want to go - the speed slider makes it easy to customize your sewing style!

    We want to be your partner in achieving the best possible results and enhance your love for sewing and love of what you sew!  We'd love to see you and see what you've made! Please sprint, walk or drive on over to visit us at any of our locations!





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