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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Tip! Make Your Serger Your New Cutting Machine!

    July 22, 2016

    Is this your new cutting machine? Maybe!

    Enlighten 1

    Did you know - you can use your serger for perfect cut edges - even if you're not stitching!

    Think... flounces with curved edges… a non raveling fabric that doesn’t need a finished hem… cutting along marked lines on your fabric... cutting long pieces when you don't have the space to lay out the fabric length or don't want to use a rotary cutter, mat and ruler. This technique is perfect for circles or wavy lines or any curve that always ends up with “choppy” scissor cut lines!

    Circle Wavy Line

    And it's so easy!  Remove thread and needles from your serger then run the fabric through aligning the edge you want cut with the blade. You can precut those curves then just barely knick the edges when you "serge" to smooth and perfect the curves.

    We've used this technique for knit garments with a raw edge look for the neckline, sleeves and hems... cutting circles or trimming curves where we want a perfect cutting line to guide our sewing... or those flounces we see on so many garments - like McCall's pattern 5853 - those flounces are long curves that are crazy to cut with scissors and have a perfect outcome, but they're sure to come out smooth and perfect with this technique!

    McCalls 5853

    Sergers are great for sew many things. If you don't have one yet, come on in and try them out! And if you have one you may be underutilizing, sign up for a class! Check our classes here - sign up for a free guide class or one of the many special project classes to get the most from your serger!

  • Tip! Prevent Needles From Falling Into Your Machine

    July 2, 2016

    That moment...when you're changing a needle and the one you're removing or the one you're inserting falls into your machine - or worse - your serger.  We've all had that happen!  Now, depending on how far it fell, you have to play detective...


    ... to find it. And you must find it to make sure it doesn't interfere with any working parts and cause any damage to your machine.

    To keep your machine safe, before removing a needle, place a piece of paper or a Post-It note under the foot. We also recommend using a needle holder tool - if it didn't come with your machine come see us and we'll get you set up - but in case you don't have one or it falls anyway, the tip will just hit the paper and your needle won't fall in!

    Needle Drop 1

    Isn't that just too simple?! We've shown this on a serger - some even come with a needle catcher in the bottom of the machine to catch your needle if it does fall - Baby Lock Ovation, Baby Lock Evolution Baby Lock Enlighten - we'll be happy to show you how it works at any of our stores!

    And - did you notice that clear foot? We're loving this Baby Lock serger foot  (shown on a Baby Lock Evolution) more and more as our go to foot. It's configured just like the regular foot that comes on the machine, but it's truly see through - you can follow your stitching line right on target... see exactly where your machine is stitching! No guesswork, and your stitching will be more precise! Come see it in person and you'll see how much your view of what you're stitching can be improved!

    Baby Lock Clear Foot Serger

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