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  • Tip: Embroidering Multiples - Easy Corner Designs - Four At A Time!

    June 14, 2017

    It's sew easy to make and customize napkins for holidays, kids, gifts, seasonal, fun - there's just no excuse not to have a "napkin wardrobe"! We love having them on hand for all these occasions (and you just never know - they just may get those kids to wipe their hands and faces!)  We made these for an upcoming July 4th event -

    These were so easy to make - we cut 17" - 18" squares and used the rolled hem on the serger to finish them off - not just easy but really FAST!

    Everything's faster with a serger!


    Use Fray Block to prevent raveling - squeeze some on the corners (it dries soft and clear) , let it dry, then snip the thread tails. You can also just turn edges and finish on a sewing machine!

    Get Fray Block! 

    Hoop a piece of Tearaway Stabilizer (get it here in white or black!), find the center point using hoop markings, and mark -

    Hoop Tearaway Stabilizer and mark center point.


    Use a spray adhesive  (we used Sulky KK2000, quilt basting spray like 505 works too!) to stick napkins to stabilizer. Have you made Felt Frames to keep your hoops clean when using spray adhesives? See our blog post for details - click here !

    Felt frames keep your embroidery hoops free of sticky residue when using spray adhesives!


    Affix your napkins or other square items to the stabilizer in hoop. Position so all four points meet at center mark, align with hoop markings to keep pieces straight and squared -


    Choose your design or monogram.  Move it up into desired position for the first napkin. Select again, rotate 90 degrees and move same number of "clicks" for the one to the right (or left), repeat for other side, then select again, rotate 180 degrees and move into position for bottom piece. You'll have your monogram/design positioned in the hoop to stitch out 4 times, no rehooping!

    If you have a Brother Dream Machine or Quattro or Baby Lock Destiny or Ellisimo with a camera - it's even easier to see just where your designs are placed!  And you can sort colors to stitch out with fewer thread changes! (If you don't have one of these amazing machines - you need to come see us now! )



    Even if your machine does a single design at a time you can still use this process and save on hooping time and stabilizer! Follow the same process,  you'll simply stitch out one monogram or design, then resposition as described - repeat!

    Simple, quick, and everyone will be impressed when your tabletop - fine dining or picnic table - is properly attired for the occasion!



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