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Cande Gordon - Moore's Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Classes

Cande became interested in sewing as a child while watching her mom and grandma make quilts. She learned more about sewing in 9th grade. She has a sister who is 8 years younger than her - her baby sister was a live baby doll who Cande could make clothes for! Cande strolled into Moore’s a few years at our Riverside location looking for a basic sewing machine. She left with her first sewing / embroidery combo machine and the rest is history! This ignited a passion that motivated taking countless classes, collecting books and magazines, and experimenting with the ever changing technology. She avidly attends all types of sewing classes and events and is always looking for something new to try. In addition to sewing she knits, crochets and dabbles in decoupage and ceramic painting.

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