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Corina Lopez - Specialty Classes

I was eight years old when I was introduced to an old treadle sewing machine. I watched my grandmother do her sewing and mending on it. She would sit me on her lap to guide me as she used her feet to start and stop the machine. Eventually I got the hang of it and would sneak behind her back when she was out and would try it on my own – and – thus began my love for sewing. At my grandmother’s house, no one was allowed in her kitchen without an apron. My grandma was a large woman and I had to wrap her aprons around me a couple of times so that her half aprons would be my full aprons that reached to my ankles. This was also to be the beginning of my love affair with aprons which to this day are one of my favorite things to sew up and that I really truly wear on a daily basis. I am a self taught seamstress and as I got older I started sewing my children’s clothing. Of course my first attempt was a disaster as I’ve always dived into making the most complicated designs. My collars were uneven and my buttonholes were really wonky looking. But I was proud as a peacock even though I did have to tell everyone that the fabric design were Indians riding on horses – they came out upside down! I have learned much about sewing and quilting over the last 45 years. Yes, time does fly when you’re having fun, fun, fun!! I have taught for many years now and love what I do. I enjoy teaching and passing on what I have learned to those who want to learn to sew or who just want to refresh their sewing skills. I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you here at Moore's.. So, come and SEE, SEW & ENJOY a day with me and I guarantee you will have loads of fun sewing on your new or vintage sewing machine.

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