Holiday Gift Card Holders

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Still looking for one or more perfect gifts after Black Friday? Gift cards can be a great solution, but they seem pretty impersonal. To make a gift card special, make a card holder for it.

Holiday Gift Card Holders
If you have an embroidery machine, you can create some wonderful last-minute gift card holders. They take less than 15 minutes to complete, and better yet, the entire process is done in the hoop.

Dakota Christmas Gift Card Holders embroidery design CD
Floriani Wet N Gone stabilizer
One 3” x 6” piece of plain fabric for pocket front. This is where your design will be stitched
Two 3” x 4” pieces of fabric for the pocket back
Sulky kk2000 temporary spray adhesive or glue stick
Painters tape or Scotch brand tape
Ribbon or small cord

The front pocket piece is embroidered first.

1. Hoop two pieces of Wet-N-Gone stabilizer.
2. The outline of where to place your fabric will stitch out first.
3. Fold the 3” x 6” piece of fabric in half with wrong side together.
4. Spray back with kk2000
5. Lay the fabric with folded edge lined up with the top of the outline.
6. The tack down stitch will stitch out next.
7. Trim the fabric 1/4” from the outside of the tack down stitches.
8. Embroider the design.

9. Remove from hoop.

10. Trim the stabilizer close to the fabric.

Back pocket piece:
Hoop two pieces of Wet-N-Gone stabilizer
The outline for the fabric placement will stitch out first.
Lightly spray the wrong side of the two pieces of 3” x 4” fabric, and place them wrong sides together.

Place them on the outline stitch and tape in place.
The tack down stitch will stitch out next.

Trim the fabric close to the tack down stitches.
Trim out the hole area, I used an awl.
The next color change will stitch out the front pocket placement line.
With the embroidered side up, tape the front pocket onto the back pocket piece.
The next stitch will hold the front pocket in place.
Trim close to tack down.

Top and bobbin thread should match.
The last color change will do a satin around card holder.
Trim excess stabilizer away.

Use a wet sponge to remove remaining stabilizer.

Don’t forget to tuck in a ‘one-size fits all’ Moore’s gift card.

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