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This can be used as a short leash for your keys or as a strap for a wristlet bag. Use cotton webbing and scraps of fabric or ribbon. If you have an embroidery machine, you can personalize the strap to create a truly unique item.

12” length of 1” wide cotton webbing
12” length of ribbon that is 1” or less in width
12” length of fusible web (i.e. Heat and Bond) cut 1/8 to 1/4 inches narrower than width of ribbon.   Stitching through fusible can cause your needle to gum up – if this happens, use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol  to wipe your needle off.
1 set of 1” key fob hardware
Note: key fob hardware is available in several different sizes. Make sure you match the size of your webbing to the size of your hardware.


1. Iron fusible web paper-side up to back side of ribbon.
2. Peel paper off ribbon and iron ribbon to webbing
3. Stitch the ribbon along both edges to the webbing.
4. Trim ends.

5. Seal ends with seam sealant i.e. Fray Check.
6. Fold ends of the webbing together and sew across the ends.
7. Crimp key fob hardware to webbing with pliers.  Follow any instructions specific to your hardware. Otherwise, try crimping lightly in the center first.
8. Then lightly crimp each side. Repeat the sequence, crimping more firmly one or more times until the hardware is securely attached without distorting the metal.
9. Add the key ring or hook.

The picture above shows a 1 1/4″ wide strap and hardware. As the width of the strap increases, the metal hardware tends to be thicker and more rigid. The small pliers or crimping tools that work fine on 3/4″ and smaller strap hardware are not suitable for the larger hardware. The tool shown has 3″ wide jaws and strong handles. The wide jaws provide the capability to crimp the hardware in a single operation.

I discovered that making a key fob strap is much like eating a potato chip – you can’t stop at just one. If you have an embroidery machine you can personalize a strap.

These straps make great quick gifts, especially when you personalize them with a name.

2 thoughts on “Key Fob Strap

  1. I would love to make these. Please tell me where to buy the hardware. I have been to Jo Ann’s and they do not sell them.
    Where did you get yours.
    Kind Regards.

    1. I did a search on the internet for key fob hardware, and found several sites that sell them. I ordered mine from Amazon.

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