It’s Here! Our New Arrival – The PFAFF creative icon!

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You’ve been waiting… we’ve been waiting… and we’re so proud to announce our new arrival – the PFAFF® creative icon™! It’s here!


We’re SO EXCITED!  There are so many features and functions you’re going to love on the PFAFF® creative icon™ it’s hard to know where to start!

Everything you’ve always loved about PFAFF – it’s better!

Features and conveniences and technology you’ve lusted for – they’re there!

Size and space to make your quilting, sewing, embroidery easier – you got it!

And so much more! So we’re just going to jump right in!


Go BIG… It’s bigger! In so many ways!

Your PFAFF® creative icon™ work space is 69% larger when compared to other high end PFAFF machines…

— Over 12″ of work surface to right of needle – what you NEED for those quilts!

— Over 5-1/2″ of work space height!

— Over 3″ of space in the needle area making changing needles and feet easier!

Think BIG! Those big quilts are no longer a challenge!


Not only is your new workspace big – it’s BRIGHT! The PFAFF® creative icon™ features strategically placed LED lighting positioned at the most beneficial points for viewing angles – nothing to block your view or cast shadow! (Now we’ll never get that classic Johnny Nash song out of our minds… “I Can See Clearly Now”!!!)

LED lighting placed so you can easily see whatever you’re stitching clear, clean and bright without shadows!


And the screen? That’s bigger too!  It’s like getting a tablet – right on your machine!

Swipe! Zoom! Pinch! Scroll! Personalize!  Use the new smart tablet-like 10.1″ screen on your PFAFF® creative icon™ to easily  customize the screen to the way you want to work. Easy to see and use, the work area is nearly 70% larger than past models! Unique graphics are built-in and appear in the highest resolution ever and in full color.

So intuitive, built for creativity and ease, the large computerized tablet and Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives you the freedom to take your creativity to the next level!

Your new screen – 10.1″ – is nearly 70% larger than past models!


And your big screen features the largest dynamic, on-screen embroidery edit area!

No matter the sewing or embroidery project – you can personalize the display screen for YOUR preferences.  Easily adjust the screen to change layout to get the best size and position of images and information. You can even change placement and size of on screen tools! These new options are at your finger tips to help your ideas and projects flow freely! And it’s all big enough to see easily!

Bigger Bobbins! 

Your PFAFF® creative icon™ features 30% larger bobbins!  Whether you’re embroidering, quilting, piecing, or sewing – anything – you can stitch longer, further – without stopping to change the bobbin! And when you do – you can rewind from through the needle! That means less time spent on bobbin changeouts or having to conceal a start/stop – and – more time to sew!  (And who doesn’t need that?!)

Stop using your valuable time changing bobbins!


Embroider BIG (or small!)

Of course you can GO BIG with embroidery on your PFAFF® creative icon™! It includes hoop sizes to impress with big embroidery designs (the large single position embroidery unit – got larger!) … or smaller ones for more petite needs –

  • Supreme Hoop 14.17in x 10.24in (360mm x 260mm)
  • Elite Hoop 10.24in x 7.87in (260mm x 200mm)
  • Square Hoop 4.27in x 4.27in (120mm x 120mm)


And the optional turntable Grand Dream Hoop  – 360×350 – offers the largest embroidery area on the market!


New technology – WiFi on board! Or – “My new PFAFF® creative icon™ can do that?!”

Wait ’til you see all you can do! Your PFAFF® creative icon™ features WiFi, intuitive cloud-based storage powered by MySewnet™ on board! Included apps give you even more capabilities!

Get alerts on your smartphone from your PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine via WiFi! Connectivity means automatic software updates, plus real-time alerts and status updates on your projects when you’re on the go!

Get the apps —

mySewnet™ cloud storage sends embroideries to/from your machine automatically over WiFi;

PFAFF® SewNotice™ app to monitor the process of your embroidering;

PFAFF® ImageStitch™ app to digitize photos from your mobile device into monochromatic designs!

Store your designs safely in the cloud!


The best – has just gotten BETTER!

We weren’t kidding when we said the things you love about PFAFF machines have gotten even better…

The IDT – that top feed system more commonly known as “dual feed” – that makes you covet your PFAFF – has been made even better on the PFAFF® creative icon™ Yep. You read that right!

Enhanced IDT™ — IDT has been improved to be even better, improving feed on all types of fabrics for precise stitching and perfect seams every time! More power and more contact for improved feeding on virtually any fabric. It now also comes with a built-in sensor that lets you know when you need to activate it.

If you haven’t tried sewing with PFAFF’s legendary IDT – you really have to give it a try. Really! Now! Come on in to any of our stores and check it out in person, hands on to see what a difference it makes in your sewing. And now – it’s even better! Try it on any tricky, challenging fabric, piecing, quilting – and see the difference!

Enhanced ActivStitch™ Technology  No more avoiding those special threads you’d love to use! Create precise, gorgeous embroidery even when using challenging novelty or luxury threads like metallic!  Sensors measure the fabric thickness to regulate the amount of thread needed to achieve a perfect balance between the needle and bobbin threads. Results are exquisite on both sides of the fabric. You’ve got to see it to believe it! (And we want to show you!)

Enhanced Shape Creator™! 

Shape Creator™ lets you use virtually any stitch and many embroidery designs and configure them into shapes! Think – frames, borders… perfect for highlighting a monogram or creating a frame for your custom quilt label. Or create just about any shape from any motif! It just got…. even better!

Combine a stitch or embroidery with Shape Creator™ for your custom design – right on screen!


Fully automatic needle threader — Threading that needle has never been easier! The new, fully automatic needle threader on the PFAFF® creative icon™ is convenient, easy and precise!

New fully automatic needle threader and Enhanced IDT!

And of course your PFAFF® creative icon™ features PFAFF’s unique Precise Positioning for embroidery perfection! Perfect matching for borders, continuous designs, and more!


You’ve got the POWER! 

Unmatched power and stability! — Your PFAFF® creative icon™ is going to be your favorite power tool! A 90% increase in needle power gives you the most forceful needle pressure ever – giving you stellar results even when handling difficult fabrics! And the machine’s revamped design also reduces vibrations – superior stability so you get the most precise results!


Stitches!  Stitches! Stitches! (Over 800 Embroidery Designs and Techniques!)

“I don’t need all those stitches…” We hear that all the time. But you know you want them!  But once you have them you’ll use them!  Your new PFAFF® creative icon™ has some amazing unique new stitches created from unique PFAFF techniques – whether you sew home dec, quilt, create garments – You. Need. These. Really!

You’ll drool over these exclusive new triple ribbon stitches!


— Triple Ribbon Stitches – So many ways to use these beautiful stitches!

— Floating Stitches – Stitch shapes virtually float on fabric,  no connecting stitch showing!

— Radiant Stitches – Gorgeous stitches sewn out in a perfect curve – and it’s so easy! All kinds of things you’re going to want to embellish with Radiant Stitches! Stitch on curves and lines on any of your projects! Great for necklines, sleeves, and any other circular designs! These are a must see in person (come in – we’ll show you!)

— Lace Edge Stitches – Create lace edges along your fabric right on the sewing machine!

— Stacking Stitches – Layers of lovely stitches combine at your hands, on your machine, for even more added detail on any creation!

Plus – Your new PFAFF® creative icon™ includes a Signature Collection of exclusive designs, and some exclusive fonts!


Ergonomically friendly! Sew… quilt… embroider… longer, easier, and more comfortably!

PFAFF engineers had your comfort, ease, efficiency and requests in mind when they designed your new PFAFF® creative icon™!

Designed for ease and comfort while creating beautiful works!


You’re going to love …

— A redesigned knee lift for ease of use;

 Curved workspace that matches the curve of your hands!;

— Larger stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 2-1/2″! And – its own storage space!

 Easy pop off stitch plate!

 9 points of lighting for more efficient view of everything you’re working on;

 Significantly increased storage space in accessory tray – and your storage tray is rubberized so no more parts sliding around!:

 Ability to use thread spools of any size to take on the largest and most complex work with new telescopic thread guides and reworked thread paths;

 Rubberized handwheel for better control;

— Rubberized handle for more comfortable grip when carrying machine;

 New full length handle design and location for easy transport and balance;

 All in a lighter weight top of the line machine!


There’s just SO MUCH to love about the new PFAFF® creative icon™! 

And we can’t wait to show you!  Come see us today and meet your new sewing love!

The easiest math ever!

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