Sewing in the New Year – Simple Tips for Sewing Success!

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Sew – it’s a new year!  Did you make any sewing resolutions?

Whether or not we’d like to help make your new sewing year the best ever!  Whether you’re a new stitcher or well experienced, venturing into new territory or trying to perfect skills, these tips will help you sew better, be proud, and sew more!


This is the most important tip. Everyone’s fearful of trying something, you’re in good company! Fear can paralyze us – it keeps us not only from succeeding but from even attempting something new.  Whatever it is you want to try – just try it! If it turns out fabulous and you’re proud – great! (And bring whatever it is in to show us, we love to see what you’re working on!).  What if it doesn’t turn out as it looked in your imagination? That’s ok too – you’ll know what you need to practice more and what you’ve tried and succeeded at for the first time.

Bottom line – if you do nothing, you’ll get nothing – so BE FEARLESS – just do something you’ve always thought about trying – and keep honing your skills from there!  If you or your machine get hung up, we’re here to help – there’s nothing to fear!



2)  Give yourself permission to fail. 

Sometimes our projects turn out just right the first time we attempt new techniques – but not usually!  Those beautiful samples you see in all our stores?  You’re seeing the end result of much practice and many wadders (we all have them!).  We tend to hold ourselves to high standards that don’t allow for failure. Hope for the best, don’t be surprised if you don’t achieve perfection the first time trying a new technique or project or machine, and know you’re in good company! If you learn from what went wrong – you’ve made progress!

If you get too frustrated, just take a break, walk away for awhile. And of course, there’s always chocolate!



3) Take classes and attend events!

We have sew many classes , events and Sew Fun Club covering sew many different types of sewing, quilting, embroidery, and machine use!  Give us a call, come on in, tell us what you want to learn, try or be better at and we’ll help you find the right class or event or guide you in the right direction.



Think of classes and events not just in terms of projects – but as opportunities to learn and practice techniques.  Within any project there are specific techniques that may be just what you need to get you on your way to making what YOU want to make! Maybe you don’t want to make a placemat but that placemat class teaches the applique techniques you’ve been wanting to learn – let us be your education consultants and we’ll get you in the right classes and events to get you sewing what you want the way you want it!



4) Know your machine.

Seems straightforward, right? We have wonderful machines but not all have taken advantage of free machine guide classes. No matter how long you’ve been sewing, new equipment offers new ways to do things.  You may be missing out on using some of the great features that excited you enough to buy that machine! You can browse and sign up for our classes online, but we’d love to talk to you directly to get you in the right machine class. Even if you didn’t buy your machine from us – chances are we have a class that will help get you ramped up – and we’ll let you take it – complimentary!



Read your manual – this is an important part of knowing your machine. You never know when you’re going to get hung up while pulling an all nighter, we’re not there to answer the phone and you can’t find any sewing buddies up to help you…. So often the answer you need, the error message codes, troubleshooting tips to get you restarted are right there in that book!

5) Ask questions.

Lots of them! Ask us! Ask our teachers! Ask fellow shoppers! Ask vendors! Sewing enthusiasts and those in the business love to talk about sewing and love to share what they know! You can learn something and teach something from every conversation you have, whether it’s something new, a better method, or a different way to do things.



That old saying “there’s no such thing as a dumb question” is so true – be curious about any/everything and your repertoire of skills and ideas will grow!

6) Slow down.



You really can get things done faster by slowing down! Take time to think and ease into what you’re working on slowly and carefully and you’ll make fewer mistakes.

7) Practice.

Sometimes, no matter how well you know what you need to do, it just takes practice to get better. Whether it’s a sport, playing a musical instrument, training your dog – the knowledge is there, but it takes actual hands on practice to get the results you want (keep #2 in mind!). You might want to keep samples of what you try/make now and compare them to the same things at year’s end after you’ve been sewing throughout the year – what a great way to see your progress!

Finally – go back and read #1 – BE FEARLESS!

And come in and see us at any of our six locations – we want to be your partners in sewing, quilting, and embroidery success!

Now go forth and – sew something!

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