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Arrow Custom Fit Insert for Select Sewing Cabinets (Bertha, Gidget II, Olivia, Norma Jean)

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The Custom-Fit Insert for select Arrow cabinets is tailored to fit around your specific sewing machine. Making your sewing machine flush with your cabinet and filling in the gaps between machine and cabinet will make your sewing experience more enjoyable and more productive.

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Arrow Custom-Fit Insert For Select Cabinets creates a working surface that makes your specific sewing machine flush with your Arrow sewing machine cabinet. When installed, the insert makes for an ergonomic work surface when sewing in the free arm position. By filling in the gaps, the insert allows for straighter stitches, less fatigue, and a more enjoyable sewing experience overall.

Insert is custom made to the exact dimensions of our cabinet and your machine. Insert made only for select Arrow sewing cabinet models. This insert will be compatible with the following cabinets:

  • Bertha
  • Norma Jean
  • Gidget II
  • Olivia

Arrow Custom-Fit Insert For Select Cabinets

  • Made of clear plexiglass
  • Designed for two types of sewing wells:
    1. With a beveled edge to sit completely flush with the sewing well
    2. With a non-beveled edge, made with a lip to rest on the cabinet
  • Each insert come with optional adhesive ruler
  • To be used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet (second or middle position on the airlift)
    • Made to be used with the accessory tray of the machine removed
    • The insert is U-shaped, surrounding the front, left-side, and back-side of the sewing machine
Additional Details
  • Each insert is custom-made
  • May take 3 weeks to be delivered

Why You Need a Custom-Fit Insert For Your Cabinet


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