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Colonial Thimble Pack Plus



Colonial Thimble Pack Plus are a fit-free solution to the traditional thimbles. With an adhesive backing, simply stick the thimble to your finger where the needle repeatedly hits it, and then stitch away in comfort. Fingers won’t get uncomfortably moist or suffer from an imperfect fit, and these thimbles allow for greater flexibility of movement as they practically become one with your stitching finger.

You will find that the ThimblePack Plus gives you better needle control, allows you to stitch faster, results in less hand pain, and provides more stitching comfort. Pack includes several thimble and needle grip options, with a handy storage box.

Adhesive dots can be reused multiple times. Adhesive dots are made from industrial grade adhesive sheets and the white protective covering can sometimes be difficult to remove. Using a sharp needle on the edge to separate the 2 layers will facilitate removal of the covering.

Pack includes: 1 Thimble Crown, 1 Thimble Dimple, 12 NeedleGrip-It2, 12 ThimblePad, and 4 Thimble-It pieces.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.25 in


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