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Creative Grids Face Mask Template



Creative Grids Face Mask Template makes it fast to cut out shaped, double-layered (non-medical grade) face masks. The acrylic template makes it quick to cut out masks of any size, as the tool is printed with three size options: small, medium, and large. A pleat marking is provided to enhance the fit of your masks, and the non-slip texture helps the template grip the fabric securely as you cut with a rotary cutter.

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Creative Grids Face Mask Template 3 sizes in 1 being cut

Creative Grids Face Mask Template provides 3 sizes in one tool, making it much easier to cut out masks of any size for family and friends. The clear acrylic template is marked with sizing for small, medium, and large, and features pleat marks to customize the fit even further.

The template slides easily over fabric until pressure is applied. Then, Creative Grids’ exclusive gripper keeps the template from shifting while cutting, eliminating miss-cuts, and making cutting multiple layers with a rotary cutter quicker. A smaller sized 28mm cutter is recommended for making the curve of the mask easier to navigate around.

An instruction guide is included with the template, and the video below shows how to use it as well.

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