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Grace Continuum II Frame – 10 Foot with 21X Elite



The Continuum II Frame is an improved version of our best-selling Continuum Frame. It has a more refined, streamlined internal structure that is smaller, simpler, and stronger than its predecessor. Adjusting the bar height is also much easier and more precise.

The Continuum II Frame is one of the most durable and long-lasting frames ever made, thanks to its steel and cast–alloy components. It is a modular frame with numerous configurations and accessories available. It is also a no–baste frame that has been meticulously designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful.

This product is not sold by itself. It must be combined with a qualifying Grace longarm machine: Q’nique 21x Elite.


No-Baste Quilting Rail System

By eliminating the need for basting, the Continuum II Quilting Frame saves you time. As you quilt, all of the quilt layers are attached to their own rails and then come together and onto the take–up rail. Grace frames have locking ratchet ends on the rails that allow you to fine-tune the tension of your fabric layers.

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New Racheting System

The ratcheting system is fully integrated into the Continuum II and features quick-toggle locks for quick adjustments as needed.

Additional Features

Supertrack Dual-Wheel System

This gliding track system improves stitch quality, accuracy, and carriage movement.

Channel Locks

Lock your machine motion into either back and forth or side to side motion for convenience. Straight lines are ideal.

leveling Feet

Whatever floor your frame is on, these feet are a simple way to ensure it’s level and balanced.

Adjustable Depth

To fit your quilting frame, adjust the depth of your work area. Closer work on a short–arm quilting machine, or expand your space for larger patterns on a long–arm quilting machine.

Height-Adjustable Legs

Height–adjustable legs allow you to work at your most comfortable level.


With the take–up rail hand–wheel, you can easily roll all the layers of your quilt. This moves the fabric to the next section of your quilting project.


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