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Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame with Dual Track Upgrade (16X)



The Q-Zone Hoop Frame is free with only with the purchase of a qualifying Grace longarm machine.
The dual-track upgrade gives your machine the same level of control as other full-size professional frames in the market, enhancing stitching for more detailed, intricate patterns.

This product is an upgrade to the Q-Zone Hoop Frame that provides your quilting a more rigid, professional and smoother feel compared to the single wheel version.


The Q-Zone Hoop Frame allows you to turn most any domestic machine into a free-motion longarm machine!

Free Motion Quilting

Instead of one-way sewing, your machine glides freely over the fabric in any direction on your quilt.

Smooth Motion

On domestic machines, feed dogs guide your fabric straight through the machine. By disabling these feed dogs and putting your machine on the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame carriage, you will be able to effortlessly move your machine across the fabric like a pen on paper.

If you don’t have a Q’nique machine, your trusty domestic machine will sit on the unique carriage system. This carriage will allow you to move around the fabric like you would any quilting machine.

Any Quilt Size

Now the size of your quilt is no longer limited by the width of the frame! Quilt king-size and larger, all on this 4.5 ft frame, using our new zone-to-zone quilting method.

Work Sitting Or Standing

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame can conveniently adjust to let you quilt in the way that is most comfortable to you. Quilt standing or from your favorite chair. While sitting, the small footprint of the frame will let you still reach both ends with your quilting machine.

Adjustable Depth

Adjust the working area of your quilting frame to fit your machine. You can make it shorter for home sewing machines, or longer for midarm machines. The frame is compatible with machines with up to a 19 inch throat.

What’s Included:

  • Machine Carriage
    • The carriage is where your domestic machine is going to sit. if you are using a Q’nique quilting machine, you will not need the carriage.
  • Quilt Clips
    • Quilt Clips will keep your fabric straight and give you perfect tension. Simply attach your fabric to your quilting frame with less pinning.
  • Bungee Clamps
    • The sleek profile makes these bungee clamps easy to attach and remove from your fabric. You can simply push the clamp right over your fabric to attach it, and push the new easy-release button when you want to remove it.

A full quilting system so you can start quilting straight away!

Will your machine fit in the Q-Zone Hoop Frame?

Q-Zone Hoop Frame fits most domestic machines

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is made to work with many quilting machines, from domestics to longarms with up to a 19-inch throat space.

To ensure your machine will fit, note the following:
  • Your machine will fit on top of the 11.5″ wide carriage with up to 19″ throat space.
  • Your feed dogs can be lowered.
  • Your machine has a foot pedal.
  • You have 54″ x 37″ – 42″ space in your home.


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