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Martelli Large Pad Bundle – with Machine Pad (12″ x 21″) & Foot Pad (10″ x 14″)

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This bundle is available through our Virtual Event with Martelli Enterprises!

Give your sewing machine and foot pedal extra stability with this non-slip pad bundle! The unique non-slip material provides a gripped surface to keep your sewing machine in place. The foot pad also ensures that the pedal will stay in one spot, so you no longer have to chase it around as you sew!

The Large Mat Bundle Includes:

  • Foot Pedal Pad 10″ x 14″
  • Machine Pad 12″ x 21″
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Foot Pedal Pad 10″ x 14″

Keep your foot pedal firmly in place with our Get-a-Grip foot pad. The no-slip material keeps your foot pedal in one spot. It will work with any flooring surface, including carpet, tile, and wood.

Pair this with a no-slip machine pad in 11” x 17” or 12” x 21” and keep your sewing machine in place, too.

Machine Pad 12″ x 21″

Keep your sewing machine firmly in place and reduce vibrations with a no-slip machine pad. Our Get-a-Grip material is on both sides of the pad to keep your machine from moving around as you sew. The material also absorbs the vibrations of the machine, making for a more pleasant sewing experience.

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About Martelli

For over 20 years, Martelli has provided beginning and advanced quilters as well as other sewing and crafting enthusiasts with the tools and accessories to pursue their art and express themselves. Their company values innovation and continual improvement through the support of a dedicated research and development team. It really means something to offer a product that will be appreciated and recommended to others. The Martellis are on the premises all the time to oversee the daily operations. The business began with four family members, and has now grown to include over 20 dedicated employees who are like an extension of our family. As a new generation steps up to serve their customers, they anticipate preserving this unique combination—a corporate business with a family mentality.

They provide a variety of ways to familiarize yourself with our products. Their website provides many demonstration videos, and they enjoy meeting their customers at trade shows and at their retail shop Martelli Quilting Solutions, located in Pensacola, Florida.

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Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions22 × 15 × 3 in
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Right Handed Rotary Cutter, Left Handed Rotary Cutter


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