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Miele STB205-3 Turbobrush ( S4 and S5 )


The Miele STB 205-3 Turbobrush attachment was designed to make cleaning effortless, and it delivers. It features a rotating brush that’s activated by air drawn through the head, loosening dirt & collecting fluff and hair. Its buffer strip protects furniture from scuffing, too. It’s ideal for cut pile and gives your carpet an excellent finish.

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Turbo Brush for Miele Galaxy Series. The Miele Turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by the air that is drawn through the head to loosen the dirt and collect up any fluff and hair. The buffer strip around the Turbobrush protects furniture from scuffing. It is ideal for cut pile and gives the carpet an excellent finish.

The Miele STB 205-3 will fit the following Vacuum Cleaners…

  • Miele S4210 Carina
  • Miele S4210 Antares
  • Miele S4210 Capella
  • Miele S4210 Sirius
  • Miele S4580 Luna
  • Miele S4780 Orion
  • Miele S5210 Ariel
  • Miele S5280 Pisces
  • Miele S5280 Callisto
  • Miele S5380 Gemini
  • Miele S5380 Venus
  • Miele S5580 Aquarius
  • Miele S5980 Capricorn

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