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Floriani Power Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer



Floriani Power Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer is a sheer, soft, cutaway nylon stabilizer. Use this powerful yet sheer cutaway when embroidering on light-colored knits or stretch fabrics to prevent the “show-through” of the stabilizer. Floriani Power Mesh is very soft, making it ideal for children’s clothing, golf shirts, or light T-shirts. Use in conjunction with our RNK Heat Craft Tool to create free-standing embroideries, patches, emblems, and appliques. Use as the foundation for “in the hoop” block building, zippered bags, quilting, and more!

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Available Sizes:

Fusible 12" x 10yds – Natural, Fusible 15" x 10yds – Natural, Fusible 20" x 10yds – Natural, Fusible 12" x 10yds – Nude, Fusible 15" x 10yds – Nude, Fusible 12" x 10yds – Onyx, Fusible 15" x 10yds – Onyx, Non-Fusible 15" x 10yds – Natural, Non-Fusible 20" x 10yds – Natural, Non-Fusible 15" x 10yds – Nude, Non-Fusible 20" x 10yds – Nude, Non-Fusible 15" x 10yds – Onyx, Non-Fusible 20" x 10yds – Onyx


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