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Quilters Select Fabric Prep



Use for prepping fine fabrics within our projects to prevent raveling or puckering. This ultra-lightweight interlining permanently fuses and offers needed support to the fabric without adding bulk. The soft woven texture blends beautifully with most luxury fabrics and will not change its drape or hand.


Quilters Select Fabric Prep
Fusing Select Fabric Prep

Using the fusible coating (no pinning)

  • Cut a piece of Select Fabric Prep at least one inch larger than the fabric.
  • Place the fusible side (rough side) to the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Press using a low temperature, dry iron (silk setting). Using a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and the
    interfacing is highly recommended.
  • Once cooled, trim the excess Select Fabric Prep away and square the fabric as needed.
  • All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given above is a starting point. It is always good to start with a lower temperature on your iron, slowly increase the temperature until you achieve a good bond. Test before beginning your project!
  • During the fusing process, remember to press with an up and down motion when moving your iron to the next area to be fused. For best results don’t move your iron side to side.
  • Another great use for Select Fabric Prep is to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs or emblems. This is especially nice for baby garments, youth apparel or golf shirts.
  • Use to keep unruly fabric from raveling or shredding during the construction of a project, embroidery or stitching process.
  • Washer, Dryer and Dry-Clean Friendly
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