Surprises Inside Your Sewing Machine – BIG Stitches!

Moore's Sewing Projects

We surprise a lot of our machine owners when we show them some of the amazing – BIG – stitches built right into some of those Brother and Baby Lock models!  When you look at your stitch menu they look like … just another pretty decorative stitch.  But when sewn out – they’re BIG!

These supersize stitches may be built into your machine – and you don’t even know it!


We stitched these out with embroidery thread. With a heavier thread, i.e. Mettler Quilting thread – they’re even more outstanding!

These are perfect for stitching quilt borders and sashings with ease – no marking and following the lines!  Sew them onto plain ribbon to ramp it up (beautiful in metallic!), or many other embellishment uses!

We used one of these to quilt the sashings on our tipsy tree quilt!


They are on larger Brother and Baby Lock models dating back to the Innovis 4000D, 2800D, 1500D in the Brother line and Baby Lock Ellegante models…. Now check out your Dream or Destiny machines, Quattro or Ellisimo, other large models – and see what’s hiding in there! You’ll find these in a menu of decorative stitches, looking just like any other – but – they’re not!

Don’t have one of these, or not sure where to find them? Come on in and see us!  We’ll show you how to supersize your stitching!


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