Tip! Patch Work – A Quicker Way to Sew On Those Scout Patches!

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Every fall we get questions from customers about best ways to sew on patches for those new scout uniforms. There are a lot to sew right at the start – troop number, region, flags, and more!

Scout Patches Example

(Picture for example only – use your handbook for proper placement!)

And of course as your scout (or other group member – there are a lot out there that have patches!) is more active – the more there will be to sew on!

We came up with this efficient method that works great, always looks good, and saves time!

Use YLI Wonder Invisible Thread as your top thread – since you can’t see it, it matches everything! (And – if your stitching isn’t just perfect – no one will know!)

Invisible Thread YLI

Get YLI Wonder Invisible Thread

Use¬†regular sewing thread in the bobbin i.e. Metrosene or Mettler Silk Finish Cotton, to match the garment you’re sewing to.

Now you can sew on any/all patches without having to change threads to match! Gets them done faster and looks good front and back!

And — this is just what you need for creating that hand stitched look quilting on your sewing machine! It’s just one of those many sewing tools and notions you always want to have on hand!

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