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We made it through a week of tech parties, followed by Sew Fun week, several staffers are wrapping up at Baby Lock convention and we’re getting ready for the L.A. County Fair! What does all that mean for you?  Great deals on fantastic new sewing, quilting and embroidery products!

We know you’re excited about all those creative ideas you got at Tech Party – and the new equipment to make it happen!  (If you missed it, don’t miss L.A. County Fair deals — starting NOW! You don’t have to go to the fair, park, eat all that fair food… well maybe that’s worth the drive… )

Fair Food

We’ll be offering all Fair specials in all our stores!
We want you to know how very much it means to be your creative partner. We appreciate your business, and as part of our commitment to education, want to give you tips for all kinds of sewing related activities, as well as – saving money!

If you use water soluble stabilizer for machine embroidery — water soluble mesh, as used for free standing lace, 3D embroidery and more (we love Floriani’s Wet N Gone – it comes in fusible and non fusible versions) –

Floriani Wet n Gone

Get Wet N Gone!

you know there are always pieces leftover.  So big you don’t want to just throw it away… but too small to hoop. It just accumulates… Here’s a way to use those pieces and stretch your stabilizer dollars!  Use water soluble thread – YLI Wash-A-Way Water Soluble Basting Thread is perfect!

Wash Away Water Soluble Thread

I need Wash-A-Way!

Stitch those larger pieces together with the water soluble thread – use it in your needle and bobbin – until they’re big enough to hoop. Now you’ve joined your scraps to create hoopable size pieces! You’ll save on stabilizer, and the thread will dissolve along with the stabilizer.

YLI Wash-A-Way Water Soluble Basting Thread is also perfect for – basting – as it says. Baste quilts, garments, hems, and more, and your items will stay together while you do your permanent stitching but disappear in the wash.

Here’s a great video on using Wet N Gone successfully!  Now get stitching and show us what you made! We’d love to see your project photos on our our Facebook page!




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