Wrist Strap Zipper Bag

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Do you engage in activities where your purse is too large and/or too heavy or your pockets just won’t quite hold enough?

This bag might be just what you need. This bag is relatively small, has a zipper closure to keep things in (and maybe other things out), and has a wrist strap which makes it easy to ‘fasten’ to your body.

2 – 7” x 9 ” fabric pieces for exterior
2 – 7” x 9” fabric pieces for lining
1 – 2” x 12 1/2” fabric piece for strap
2 – 7” x 9” pieces of fusible fleece
2 – 7” x 9” pieces of fusible interfacing
1 – 9” or longer nylon tooth zipper

Strap Construction:

1. Fold the 2” x 12 1/2” fabric piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press to form a crease.
2. Unfold, and fold the long edges toward the center crease. Press.
3. Refold at the center crease and press.

4. Top stitch along the open side to close. To make the strap look more finished, top stitch along the folded edge also.
5. Set the finished strap aside.

Fabric Preparation:

1. Iron fusible fleece to wrong side of exterior fabric pieces. Iron fusible interfacing to lining fabric pieces.

2. Mark a 1” square at each end of the bottom edge of the exterior and lining pieces and cut out.

Inserting the zipper:
1. Stack the fabric and zipper in the following order:

Lining fabric right side up.
Zipper pull side up.
Exterior fabric right side down

2. Pin all three layers together. Using a zipper foot, sew the pinned layers together.
3. Press the fabric away from the zipper.
4. Repeat the process with the other lining and exterior fabric pieces.
5. IMPORTANT CHECK: with the assembly lying flat, the corresponding edges of the fabric should be in line with each other. Place a straight edge (ruler) along the edges to check this.  If the edges do not line up or if either edge forms a ‘V’ shape with the ruler, correct the problem before proceeding.

6. Top stitch approximately 1/4” from the zipper teeth.

Bag Construction:

1. Fold the strap in half, matching the 2 raw ends and baste only to the exterior fabric about 1/2” from the top edge.
2. Open the zipper wide enough for your hand to fit through.

3. Match up the exterior fabric pieces to each other with right sides together. Pin sides and bottom of exterior fabric.

4. Match up the lining fabric pieces to each other with right sides together. The teeth of the zipper should be towards the lining fabric. Pin sides and bottom of lining fabric, leaving an opening at the bottom of the lining fabric large enough through which you can turn the bag right side out.

5. Using a 1/4” seam allowance, sew along all four sides, BUT do not sew the opening for turning nor the four cut out corners. Trim off excess zipper ends.

6. For each corner cutout – open the bottom corner and match up the bottom and side seams.

Sew the opening closed.

7. Pull the bag right side out through the opening in the lining.

Machine or hand sew the opening in the lining closed.
8. Press if needed.

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