The Moore Family

Three generations of Moores

The Moore Family

“The Three Stitches”

A Fourth Generation Family-Run Business

Moore’s has been a family-owned business for over 70 years now. It all started with my great grandfather, Edd Moore, the founder of Moore’s Sewing. Then he passed the legacy down to Jim Moore, his son and my amazing Poppa. Now my Dad, George Moore, owns the company and has been doing a fantastic job. I guess that leaves us with the “Three Stitches”.

The first stitch is my older sister Miranda, she is the most amazing artist that I have ever seen. She is 21 years old now and has a deep passion for art and Christ. She travels the world on mission trips to tell others about the amazing God in her life. She will be a senior at Biola University in the fall. She will be graduating with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Bible.

The littlest stitch is my little sister Bianca, who’s not so little anymore. She is now 14 and is going to be in High School next year. She is always playing the piano and making her own music and has found a deep love for musical theater. She also loves to play on her club Volleyball team as their outside hitter and hopes to make the Varsity team in High School. 

So that leaves us with the final stitch, that’s me, Jules. I am 16 years old and I am a dancer and softball player. I am going to be a Junior in High school next year and I just got my driver’s license. I play Varsity Softball at my school and I will be pursuing studio dance and hopefully dancing in college. I love Marvel movies and surf rock music. I am fun and outgoing, and love exploring and hanging out with friends.

We can’t forget about the last and final members of the Moore family, all of you. I can not remember a time when you were not a part of my life. You always have a smile on your face and a hug ready whenever we see you. It has truly been a blessing having all of you around as we have all grown up. At Moore’s we are one big family and I want to welcome anyone who has never heard of us before to come on in and be a part of the best family in the world.

-Jules Moore

We are so proud of our girls. We can’t believe how quickly they
are growing up. It seems like we blinked and they are independent young ladies.
They also enjoy helping out in the business, by doing photo shoots, and now also with “The Three Stitches” videos. We hope you enjoy watching them.

George and Lorena Moore