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Baby Lock

Baby Lock has a sewing machine for every type sewer, from beginner to advanced, and everything in between. Baby Lock first brought the overlock machine to the home sewing market, and continues to make premium sergers that make serging truly effortless. Sergers from Baby Lock range from the top-of-the line Triumph, with 8-thread capability, generous throat space, air-threading for the needles and loopers, and more, to coverstitch Euphoria, and the versatile Victory. Baby Lock also makes excellent basic sewing machines, quilting machines with all the bells and whistles, combination sewing and embroidery machines, multi-needle embroidery machines, and straight stitch machines. There’s a Baby Lock machine (or few) that’s just right for you!

Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Machines

Choose from a wide variety of Baby Lock machines for sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines, for the person who mends the occasional garment to the sewer who makes a quilt for every occasion.

Sewing Machines

Baby Lock sewing machines include mechanical and computerized machines, from basic to incredibly advanced machines that practically run themselves. The Baby Lock Joy, Zest and Zeal are mechanical sewing that can achieve a lot. They are excellent for those learning to sew, or need to do the occasional mending of jeans, shirts, and other garments. These machines have the basic garment-sewing stitches, and can create a basic buttonhole. The Baby Lock Jubilant is a basic sewing machine that is electronic, and comes with more than just the basic stitches; enjoy automatic features like the needle up/down for easy pivoting, and speed control to stitch as fast or as slow as desired.

Quilting Machines

Baby Lock quilting machines include standard-sized machines like the Baby Lock Brilliant and Soprano, as well as larger machines like the Ballad and Chorus. The Brilliant and Soprano include Baby Lock’s Advanced Needle Threader, as well as a programmable scissor for hands-free thread cutting at the end of a seam. The Soprano also includes an automatic presser-foot function, making pivoting and chain-stitching easier and quicker.

Step up to the Ballad and Chorus for greater throat space (11.25″) for quilting. These machines feature the NeverMiss™ Threader, over 700 stitches for every sewing and decorative function, and multi-function foot control for greater hands-free convenience. The Compact Digital Dual-Feed System makes for easy stitches of project layers up 7.0mm thick, and 36 utility and decorative stitches can be used with this foot. The Chorus also includes a Sensor Pen to tell your machine exactly where you want your needle and stitches positioned. You can use the pen to designate stitch width, placement, and a stopping point on your fabric.

Embroidery Machines

Baby Lock offers excellent machines in every size, from the compact Verve to the multi-needle Array. The Verve operates within a single hoop size of 4″x4″ and is a great machine for beginners and advanced embroiderers alike, particularly those looking for a lightweight, feature-rich machine to take to classes. The Flare and Vesta are a step up in many ways. The embroidery fields support up to 6 1/4″ x 10″, and close to 300 designs are included in the machine. Additional designs can be transferred to the machine either by USB, or even more conveniently, wirelessly. The Flare is a dedicated embroidery machine, while the Vesta is capable of sewing as well.

Look to the top-of-the-line Solaris Vision for unlimited sewing and embroidery potential. The Solaris Vision offers first-in-class features that make sewing and embroidery easier than ever. The IQ™ Designer and IQ Intuition™ App to create your own embroidery designs by drawing, scanning or wirelessly transmitting; IQ Visionary Projector is used to place designs and stitches precisely where they’re needed, End-Point setting for sewing, Large-Connect Embroidery capability, unique Long-Stitch Embroidery Patterns, Fill Couching, Quilting around Embroidery, Stitch Tapering and so much more.

The Baby Lock Array is a multi-needle embroidery machine that brings efficiency and high-speed embroidery to the home and commercial embroiderer alike. With 6 needles pre-threaded, the machine can be left unattended to stitch out an entire embroidery piece without further attention. Keep in touch with the machine while it embroiders with the IQ Intuition™ Monitoring App, which sends alerts to your mobile device when the bobbin is low, a thread breaks, or a thread needs to changed, and be notified when the stitching is complete


Baby Lock continues to make sergers that are prized and popular with an overwhelming number of sewers. This is due to the wide variety of sergers available, from the basic 4-thread serger that offers a variety of quick, clean, and professional finishes; to the coverstitch serger that makes the perfect t-shirt hem; to the 8-thread serger that offers coverstitch capability and chainstitching, in addition to clean finishes

4-Thread Sergers

The Baby Lock Vibrant is where serging begins, leading you to a dynamic future with arts and crafts. The Vibrant is perfect for garment sewers, with its variety of overlock finishes: narrow edge, wide edge, and rolled hems. The loopers are easy to thread with the color-coded loopers and easy-to-follow instructions. The Vibrant includes a differential feed to make gathering easy, and allows for great control over the fullness of those gathers. There is a retractable thread cutter conveniently built into the machine, and the included trim bin catches the cuttings before they can litter your workspace.

The Baby Lock Celebrate takes serging to the next level, with features that offer simplicity in function and more options for your projects. The Jet-Air threaded loopers make it a breeze to change threads, completing the task in seconds, and the loopers can be threaded in any order. The needle-threaders mean no longer needing to squint at the needles, and enjoy pure LED lighting while stitching. The Celebrate is great at serging through thicker fabrics, with an adjustable foot height of up to 6mm, and the advanced knife driving and clutch system makes for easier serging through thicker fabric. The Celebrate’s vertical needle penetration protects fabric from being damaged and prevents needle deflection. Easily switch to rolled hems with the twist of a dial, and gather fabrics quickly thanks to the single-unit differential feed.

The Victory and the Acclaim are advanced sergers that are easy-breezy to thread, making it all the more quicker to set up the machines for the wide variety of stitches they can produce. With LED lighting, advance knife driving, vertical needle penetration, and adjustable presser foot height up to 6 mm. The Acclaim includes air-threading for both the loopers and the needles, comes with increased LED lighting, and Baby Lock’s exclusive Wave Stitch.

Accolade: 8-Thread Serger

The Baby Lock Accolade brings amazing creative possibilities to the table, and is incredibly easy to use! The ExtraordinAir® threading sends thread through the loopers with a mere gust of air and the Automatic Thread Delivery system ensures a perfectly balanced stitch on type of fabric with any type of thread. Three pure LED lights keep the needle area perfect lit, and the adjustable presser foot goes as high as 6mm, allowing for thicker fabrics to be accommodated easily. Enjoy up to 87 different stitches with the 8-thread capability, and use the Wave Stitch for an incredibly unique decorative effect. The Accolade automatically chains off coverstitches, making coverstitching easy to start and stop. With all three needles controlled by a single tension mechanism, tension is easy to adjust for chain, cover, and triple coverstitch.

Euphoria: Coverstitch Serger

If you’re looking for a coverstitch machine to complement your sewing machine or four-thread serger, look no further than the Euphoria. This coverstitch serger creates a professional finish for garments, being especially ideal for knit-wear and suitable for home décor projects as well. Choose from a triple, wide or narrow cover stitch or chain stitch and easily finish your projects made from even the trickiest fabrics. Thread the looper with ExtraordinAir® Threading at the touch of a button, and Automatic Thread Delivery™ eliminates tension issues altogether.

Triumph: 8-Thread Serger

The Triumph is the ultimate serging machine. Thanks to RevolutionAir™ threading, the loopers and needles are threaded at the touch of a button, making it simple to switch between the 87 stitch combinations possible with 8 threads. Six LED lights brighten the generous throat space of the Triump, and the variable speed control lets you serge at the most comfortable speed. The Triumph also includes a knee lift so that both hands can be kept on the fabric at all times.