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February Virtual Sew Fun Club! FREE!

Tuesday, February 13 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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video thumbnail for Sew Fun Club Fbebruary 2024 featuring machine embroidery designs

It’s time for Virtual Sew Fun Club! 

Enjoy virtual Sew Fun Club from the comfort of – anywhere!

Join us at any Moore’s location for an in-person Sew Fun Club (SFC) or go virtual! Both in-person and virtual presentations are free to all! The in-store meeting includes a show-and-tell session where you can inspire us all with your projects – we love seeing what you make! Sew Fun Club products are brought to you at exclusive club discount pricing that will be available only during the week of Sew Fun Club, and for a limited time after the virtual presentation! Please arrive 30 minutes early to snack, socialize and find your seats!

And – be sure to bring your projects for Show & Tell for a chance to win a $20 Moore’s Gift Card! Watching the virtual presentation? You can also participate by posting photos of your projects in the comments!

February Featuring: Machine Embroidery Designs!

This month, Machine Embroidery Designs take center stage for Sew Fun Club! Michele features some great new designs to carry you through this still-new year, with designs for different seasons and events as well as fun designs suitable year-round. We also share some tools that cut close and keep your embroidery stitch-outs on point! You can never have too many machine embroidery designs! 

 Sew Fun Club Featured Products!

Sew Fun Club featured products are offered at great savings – 20% off! February features so many Machine Embroidery Designs – there’s something for everyone!  Sew Fun Club savings shopping start February 5th!


Collage of featured Machine Embroidery Designs products for February SFC



While Sew Fun Club is a FREE event, please register here for the location and time you plan to attend in stores so that we can prepare accordingly. Schedules below! Thank you!

Virtual Sew Fun Club for February begins Tuesday, February 13th, 10:00am on Facebook and YouTube! 


Sew Fun Club meets at Mission Viejo and Huntington Beach from 10 a.m. – noon or 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., at 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at Brea, Corona and Temecula or 10 a.m. for Virtual Sew Fun Club: 

February: Featuring Machine Embroidery Designs

  • February 5th: Mission Viejo
  • February 6th: Huntington Beach
  • February 7th: Brea 
  • February 8th: Corona 
  • February 10th: Temecula  
  • February 13th: Virtual Sew Fun Club
2024 Sew Fun Club Dates – Mark Your Calendar!

Sew Fun Club meets at Mission Viejo and Huntington Beach from 10 a.m. – noon or 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., at 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at Brea, Corona and Temecula or 10 a.m. for Virtual Sew Fun Club: 

March Featuring Laurie Kent Designs: 

  • March 4th: Mission Viejo
  • March 5th: Huntington Beach
  • March 6th: Brea 
  • March 7th: Corona 
  • March 9th: Temecula  
  • March 12th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

April Featuring Anna’s Awesome Applique: 

  • April 8th: Mission Viejo
  • April 9th: Huntington Beach
  • April 10th: Brea 
  • April 11th: Corona 
  • April 13th: Temecula  
  • April 16th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

May Dates: 

  • May 6th: Mission Viejo
  • May 7th: Huntington Beach
  • May 8th: Brea 
  • May 9th: Corona 
  • May 11th: Temecula  
  • May 14th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

June Dates: 

  • June 3rd: Mission Viejo
  • June 4th: Huntington Beach
  • June 5th: Brea 
  • June 6th: Corona 
  • June 8th: Temecula  
  • June 11th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

July Dates: 

  • July 8th: Mission Viejo
  • July 9th: Huntington Beach
  • July 10th: Brea 
  • July 11th: Corona 
  • July 13th: Temecula  
  • July 16th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

August Dates: 

  • August 5th: Mission Viejo
  • August 6th: Huntington Beach
  • August 7th: Brea 
  • August 8th: Corona 
  • August 10th: Temecula  
  • August 13th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

September Dates: 

  • September 9th: Mission Viejo
  • September 10th: Huntington Beach
  • September 11th: Brea 
  • September 12th: Corona 
  • September 14th: Temecula  
  • September 17th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

October Dates: 

  • October 7th: Mission Viejo
  • October 8th: Huntington Beach
  • October 9th: Brea 
  • October 10th: Corona 
  • October 12th: Temecula  
  • October 15th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

November Dates: 

  • November 4th: Mission Viejo
  • November 5th: Huntington Beach
  • November 6th: Brea 
  • November 7th: Corona 
  • November 9th: Temecula  
  • November 12th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

December Dates: 

  • December 2nd: Mission Viejo
  • December 3rd: Huntington Beach
  • December 4th: Brea 
  • December 5th: Corona 
  • December 7th: Temecula  
  • December 10th: Virtual Sew Fun Club

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