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Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade BLSA-U

Special Pricing Available Now

Baby Lock Solaris BLSA-U upgrade takes the Solaris to a whole new level!

Expand your Solaris’ capabilities with this must-have upgrade! Adding amazing new embroidery, quilting and sewing features, The Baby Lock Solaris BLSA-U upgrade kit includes the new IQ Intuition™ Monitoring that will keep track of your project’s progress on your smartphone and alerts you when it’s done. Plus, Solaris’ hoop selection just got even bigger with a 10-5/8″ x 10-5/8″ hoop – it’s ideal for the quilter who likes to use the largest designs possible.


The Baby Lock Solaris BLSA-U upgrade kit is a must have for all Solaris owners. It adds many new and exciting features to the Baby Lock Solaris including the new IQ Intuition™ Monitoring. This keeps track of your project’s progress on your smartphone and alerts you when it’s done.

IQ Intuition™ Monitoring:

This App displays the stitch count, color order, as well as messages you when a color change is needed or when there is a thread break.

Large 10 5/8″ x 10 5/8″ Hoop:

Use the new 10 5/8″ x 10 5/8″ hoop for quilting in the hoop. Its reinforced design and rubber coating holds your fabric more securely.

75 New Embroidery Designs

This upgrade kit gives you 75 new beautiful designs and 5 that are specifically designed for the new hoop. You will love the beauty and quality of these new designs that will be the centerpiece of your projects for years to come.

New Couching Embroidery Foot

A new couching embroidery foot and 40 new couching designs give you great embellishment capabilities which are great for garments, home decor, and crafts.

Couching with Digital Dual Feed

You can now couch yarn while quilting using the new couching foot that works with the Solaris’ digital dual feed. Add that extra pizzazz to your quilts and sewing projects.

Greater On-Screen Magnification

The IQ designer has new power with magnification increased up to 1600%. Discover how precise you can create designs with this new expanded function.

New Hand Quilt Stitch Resembling Sashiko

A new “hand type” quilting stitch that creates the effect of hand sewing only with forward motion stitches. This gives greater control for cornering and echoing of quilt designs and block.

Enhanced Auto-split Quilt Border

Improved Auto-split Quilt Border uses the projection of the IQ Visionary. Choose from the expanded selection of 15 quilt designs to make borders up to 118” x 118” in size. Choose the size of your border, the size of your hoop and the Solaris will automatically split the designs in multiple hoopings, but get this – The Solaris uses the projection system of the IQ Visionary™ to align each hooping perfectly!

More Designing Capability

There are 6 new decorative fills for the IQ Designer™. This brings the total to 36! Use the new “light fill” function for quilting in the hoop, giving a lighter flowing effect over the surface of your quilt.

Needle Point Projection for Free-Motion Quilting

For those who want a better way to guide your free motion quilting, a new projected drop light places a pinpoint projection directly where your needle pierces the fabric. This gives you precise placement for every stitch.


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