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Yarn Scarf Kit



Floriani’s new Yarn Scarf Kit features a creative project fit for all ages! With seven different skeins of soft, multicolored yarn and a pack of Wet N Gone Tacky, let the creativity flow as you create a personalized scarf for any outfit. This kit is exclusive for the Sew Fun Club.

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Floriani Yarn Scarf Kit project features a hand-made yarn scarf fit for all ages and styles. The Yarn Scarf Kit includes seven different skeins of soft, colorful yarn and a pack of Wet N Gone Tacky to get you started. Get creative with your yarn! Use just one skein for a uniform look, or make it interesting with different colors and textures – let the creativity flow!

For this project, simply lay down a piece of Wet N Gone Tacky and secure to surface with some tape, making sure the piece is long enough and wide enough for your preferred scarf size. Pick which yarns you’d like to use and begin cutting it in lengths and placing down on the Wet N Gone Tacky. Make the scarf as dense or as airy as you’d like! When you are satisfied with the look, place the second piece of Wet N Gone Tacky on top and press in place. Next, take the project over to your sewing or embroidery machine and stitch away. You can use zig-zag or decorative stitches to secure all of the yarn, make it unique! Once finished, run the whole project under warm water and watch as your new scarf comes to life.

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Weight 1.2125 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 4 in


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