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Juki Throat Plate For Thick Fabrics



The large needle hole makes the Juki Throat Plate For Thick Fabrics ideal for sewing heavyweight materials. This plate is designed for sewing with thicker weight fabric as well as a heavy amount of fabric to prevent your needle from tugging that would result in damaging your regular stitch plate.

This is compatible with:

Juki TL models include Juki TL 2010, Juki TL15, Juki TL2010Q, Juki TL2200, Juki TL2000Q, Juki TL 2000QI, Juki TL98, Juki TL18 Haruka, Juki TL2020PE, Juki 2200QVP Mini sewing machines.

Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 3.1 × 0.31 in


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