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Klasse Machine Embroidery Needles – 6/pack – Multiple Sizes


Pack of 6 Embroidery Needles
Sizes available: 75/11 and 90/14

Use this needle type for embroidering with rayon, polyester, cotton, or acrylic embroidery thread. The specialty coated, larger eye allows smooth thread flow at higher speeds. This pack of six is size 75/11.

Best for: Machine embroidery on knit and woven fabrics.

Don’t know what needles you need?- Click here for the Klasse Needle Guide (PDF).


Strength Where it Counts

Klasse Machine Embroidery Needles feature a specially coated, larger eye that allows for smooth thread flow at higher speeds. The pontoon scarf (the indentation above the eye) reduces the chance of skipped stitches and thread breaks as the fabric is flexed up and down by the rapidly moving needle. The specially designed shaft also reduces the change of needle breaks. For embroidering with (30-40 wt) rayon, polyester, (30 wt) cotton, or acrylic embroidery thread.

How to Choose the Right Needle

Domestic sewing machines today basically use the one needle system (705/130H, HAX1, 15X1) but they are available in a large variety of sizes and point styles. Selecting the right needle and thread for the fabric you plan to sew is one of the most fundamental steps to achieving a successful stitching result.

Machine Needles come in sizes ranging from sizes Metric Size 60 to 120 (Imperial Sizes 8 to 20). This size essentially represents the thickness of the needle. The lower the number, the finer the needle. Thread, however, is the opposite, the finer the thread, the higher the number.

When sewing, the thread lies in the needle groove, if the needle is too fine for the thread, the thread will not fit into this groove causing faulty stitching.

The needle must also be in perfect condition. Stitching problems occur from using a needle that is either blunt, bent, or if the tip has been damaged.

Size is Important

In general, the sewing thread diameter should be about 40% of the needle size (Nm). The reason for this is the ratio of the needle size to the cross-section of the long groove.

The long groove down the front of the needle plays a critical role in the formation of each stitch. The width of this groove is 40% of the needle diameter, i.e. in a size 100/16 needle ( which is 1.00mm thick ) the groove size is 0.40mm. The thread must fit nicely into this groove, and if the thread is too thick as shown in this first drawing, the thread can jam and all types of stitching problems will occur: such as thread stripping, thread breaking, missed stitches, uneven tension, etc.

When the thread size fits neatly into the long groove, this creates the optimum conditions for the best stitch, the best tension, and hassle-free stitching.

When the thread is much thinner than the groove, this creates a situation where an excessive amount of thread can form in the groove, which in turn may reduce the size of the loop and skipped stitches, uneven tensioning, etc can result.

Klasse Machine Embroidery Needles are perfect for embroidering with rayon, polyester, cotton, or acrylic embroidery thread. The specialty coated, larger eye allows smooth thread flow at higher speeds.

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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 1 in

75/11, 90/14


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