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Sebo Automatic X8 Premium



Sebo Automatic X8 PremiumWidetrack ePower vacuum cleaner is a powerful upright vacuum built to handle even the toughest carpet cleaning jobs. This machine operates via a computer control system, which ensures it always works at optimum capacity. This system automatically adjusts the brush height to compensate for any carpet length.

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The Sebo Automatic X8 Premium provides a thorough clean, leaving no debris behind. Homes with pet hair and dander are easily cleaned. The SEBO maintains a high level of in-depth cleaning power while still staying gentle on home carpets. A smooth, rotating brush lifts carpet pile so the SEBO always leaves a fresh-looking carpet in its wake. Sebo Automatic X8 Premium utilizes S-Class filtration so debris and allergens are never deposited back into the environment.


  • Automatic adjustment
    The SEBO X8 automatically keeps up with all carpet changes, adjusting brush height to better maximize cleaning capabilities.
  • Telescopic tube
    Adjust the SEBO X8 to easily access hard to reach areas. It  can easily clean stairs and crevices between furniture by extending the telescopic wand and utilizing the vacuum attachments.
  • Automatic shutoff
    The SEBO X8 will turn off automatically when the computer senses a blockage in the machine. Automatic shutoff will also be triggered if the filter bag is full, ensuring that you only clean at full capacity.
  • Cassette-style brush removal
    Easily remove the brush to replace or clean it.
  • LED headlight
    The built-in headlight provides light even in dim crevices so you can always see what you’re about to run over.
  • 37 cm brush width
    The wide head of the brush allows the SEBO X8 to make quick work of even large rooms and areas.

Clean smarter with integrated computer control

This SEBO upright vacuum operates using a powerful computer control system. This system controls the vacuum’s suction and flow while also acting as a backstop for emergency shutoff. Should anything become lodged in the machine, the motor will shut off instantly, preventing further damage to the vacuum.

The computer control system also automatically adjusts the vacuum to match the current flooring. When there is a change in carpet piling, the brush height will adjust to match, so you always get a perfect clean.

The system will alert the user to other problems with the vacuum, as well, such as a full filter bag or a worn cleaning brush. With the SEBO X8, you are always in the know.

High filtration

The SEBO X8 employs S-Class filtration so you can breathe easily. The SEBO Automatic X8 carefully filters as it cleans so less debris is ejected back into the air. The SEBO will truly clean your carpet, rather than just throwing the debris around.

This high level of filtration traps more dirt and debris inside the filter bag. Homes with pets can get a truly deep clean from the SEBO X8 as it filters out pet dander and other allergens. Homes where residents suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions will notice the difference with a SEBO vacuum.

Clean more efficiently with Boost Mode

For a deeper clean that uses less energy, switch to Boost Mode. The SEBO X8 comes equipped with this efficient cleaning mode. Simply press the boost button by hand to activate. Once Boost Mode has been initiated, a green indicator will light up. Deactivate boost control by pressing the activation button a second time. Boost Mode with automatically deactivate when the machine is turned off.

High maneuverability

The SEBO Automatic X8 can easily clean in and around furniture. With a low, 6-inch profile, the SEBO can easily slide under tables and other obstacles. The SEBO has rubber-protected wheels designed to roll easily across multiple surfaces so transporting the machine is never a hassle. The attached carrying handle makes moving the SEBO easy even when it is not in operation. The sleek design of the SEBO X8 makes it easier to store.


  • 7.6 kg
  • 5.3 L filter bag
  • 13 M cleaning range
  • 80 dB
  • 890 W
  • 40 ft power cord


The SEBO has three on-board attachments to make whole-home cleaning even easier.

  • Dusting brush
    The dusting brush attachment provides a gentle clean to sensitive flooring and other home areas.
  • Crevice tool
    Attach the crevice tool to get those hard to reach areas between furniture and other obstacles.
  • Upholstery nozzle
    The Upholstery nozzle is built to handle even the toughest furniture.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 in


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