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Super Easy Seam Guide Setter


Consistency + Accuracy = Success

The Super Easy Seam Guide Setter provides an easy way to set a Seam Guide at a Scant 1/4″ from your needle on your sewing machine

Product Includes:

  • 1 Seam Guide Setter (4¾” x 1¼” x ⅛”)
  • 6 peel & stick, removable reusable Seam Guides

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Use in conjunction with the repositionable Seam Guides! These seam guides are the perfect addition to your sewing machine needle plate. They provide a strong stick without leaving residue on your machine. Easily remove and reposition the guide depending on the seam allowance you need.

These guides make it easy to quickly identify the seam allowance to sew your pieces. The guide is also 1/32” thick, which provides a small lip that meets with the edge of the fabric and gently guides it as you sew.

Everything works perfectly on paper, but when you actually start working with fabric & thread, it gets more complicated. The solution is to sew & mark a scant ¼” (1 to 2 threads smaller than ¼”), so what looks good on paper will come out perfect with fabric.

Sewing scant ¼” is a secret to sewing accurate squares! A scant ¼” is slightly less than a full ¼” and it also helps you get perfect points in blocks like these. The goal is to stick the Seam Guide in front of the presser foot of your sewing machine to help guide your fabric before it goes under the needle. The Super Easy Seam Guide Setter makes it easy to align the Seam Guide so it’s a Scant ¼” to the right of the needle. Guiding your fabric against the edge of the Seam Guide makes it much easier to sew consistently, accurate Scant ¼” seam allowances.


Guidelines4Quilting’s motto is that the more accurate the parts, the easier the piecing.

Guidelines4Quilting offers items designed to help you achieve accurate piecing every time! With products ranging anywhere from guidelines to rotary cutting safety tools, their products will enhance your quilting experience.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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