Easy Ruffles, Pleats, and Gathers

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Ruffler Attachment Foot (SA565)

Create perfectly spaced ruffles and pleats with a Ruffler Attachment. Let the friendly staff at Moore’s locate the attachment designed specifically for your machine.

Watch my video for a full explanation and samples using the Ruffler Foot and the Gathering Foot.

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Ruffler Attachment Foot SA565 fits my Brother Luminaire and all Brother models with 7mm stitch width that accept snap on feet. The foot is perfect for home dec and garment sewing. You can also run ribbon through the guide to create unique pleated trim. This foot quickly attaches to the machine and can easily be adjusted for the depth of pleat or the number of stitches between the pleats or gathers. You can also control the appearance of ruffles by increasing or decreasing stitch length or tension. Set your machine up for a center needle, straight stitch. I started with a stitch length of 3.0. Always create samples and remember there is a single needle hole, so you may want to use the straight stitch plate to prevent needle breaks.

If you are looking for a looser gather, I recommend a Gathering Foot. Brother SA120 Gathering Foot works well for light gathering on quilting weight cottons and lighter weight fabrics. You can also use it to shirr ribbons such as organza for a delicate trim, perfect for home dec or garments. The history of ruffles and pleats in fashion makes for fascinating reading. Men and women wore ruffles around their cuffs and necklines. Just imagine, our ancestors sewed these ruffles by hand. If you need inspiration check the sewing manufacturer blogs and projects. Once you use these attachments, you will not want to gather fabric pulling threads again.

Brother Ruffler Attachment Foot

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