PE Design 11: PhotoStitch Feature

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by Terry Maffit

PE Design 11 by Brother and Palette 11 by Baby Lock are packed with features you will definitely enjoy.

Let your creativity go wild and transform your photos and images into artwork in a few easy steps. Two short videos will walk you through the process and show you the actual stitch out and my critique.

If you don’t own the software, stop by one of the Moore’s Sewing locations or visit their website for a demo and more information. In the PE Design 11 Playlist on my Youtube channel, Terry Maffitt, you will find several free videos I have recorded to help you learn the software. This will give you an opportunity to see that PE Design 11 or Palette 11 is perfect for the home sewist or entrepreneur. You can locate my Youtube channel here.

Let’s start with a Photograph or Image

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11The software recognizes the common image file formats. My photo was a jpg. This is a photo from my iPhone. I just sent myself a copy of the photo to my email. Open your software and select the Image Tab, then Photo Stitch 1. 

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11I selected the Color as the theme from the drop-down list. Try out themes for a completely different look.

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11Select your file and choose a clipping mask if you want to remove a portion of the design.

This will open the image on your Layout desktop as well.

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11Select your Hoop Settings from Design Settings and choose Fit to Page. Now choose Next.

Now it is time to set the parameters. This includes your Thread Brand, Number of Colors, Stitch size, and more. You will also have an option to fine-tune brightness and contrast and select your design from a list of candidates. I added an oval mask and selected Floriani Thread with 13 color changes to get more detail. I also selected a 2.5mm stitch width. Want to see the overall results? I already know I want to order more Floriani thread from George.

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11Here is the final Screen and the Stitch Out. My design is approximately 17,000 stitches. Before I stitch out a larger version, I will want to tweak my colors, edit a few threads, and add a heavier stabilizer. I hope you will give this a try.

Terry Maffitt PE Design 11I hope you will agree that my baby is a pretty girl 😉

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