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by Terry Maffit

Decorative Stitching with Pizzazz is Easy with Bobbin Work – Get your Accessories and Supplies at Moore’s Sewing Centers

Terry Maffitt Bobbin WorkAll you need is the Speciality Bobbin Case for your machine and a supply of decorative threads, yarn, and ribbons. This technique allows you to use heavy decorative threads that are too large to safely go through the eye of the needle. You will need to stabilize your fabric, then place the fabric right side down. The decorative stitches are formed on the bobbin side of the project. I like to use a 60 or 80 weight matching thread like Quilters Select on the top. Bobbin work reminds me of vintage hand embroidery. Think about embellishing jeans, collars, hems, table linens, decorative pillows, and more! On the embroidery side, the designs are digitized especially for the speciality threads and bobbin case. Let the friendly staff at Moore’s Sewing Center help you find the accessories and supplies you need to create these beautiful texturized stitches

There are many varieties of decorative threads and ribbons that can be used for bobbin work. I like to collect heavier weight threads that are 8 and 12 weight on a spool. As an added bonus, these can also be used in the upper and lower loopers of my serger. In the two videos that I recorded to demonstrate the beautiful stitches, I used a combination of ribbon floss, pearl cotton, and Floriani 12 weight thread. You can also use yarns, tapestry threads, and some novelty threads. Just avoid anything with knots or bumps as that could cause jams below the stitch plate. 

Here are some tips to setup your machine: 

  1. Read the instructions in your Machine User Manual and documentation that accompanies the bobbin case
  2. Wind threads using the bobbin winder at a slow speed
  3. Ribbons, yarn, and floss should be wound on a bobbin by hand
  4. DO NOT use your thread cutter
  5. Needle down and needle up to pull the bobbin threads up
  6. If the thread is heavy, use an awl to create a hole in the fabric as a starting place
  7. Lengthen your stitch length and width and select open airy stitches
  8. Place your stabilized fabric right side down
  9. Choose a stabilizer appropriate for your fabric, i.e. for garments I use a washable stabilizer

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