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Baby Lock Coronet Longarm Quilting Machine

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Can you imagine quilting a “KING SIZE” quilt within just 5 feet of space? That is what the Baby Lock Coronet longarm quilting machine and frame can do. This is because of its unique frame that has been designed to allow for free movement, across the entire quilt, so you can quilt from area to area, without the need of rolling the fabric around traditional poles. It has convenient clamps, that hold your quilt while you effortlessly create your masterpiece.


The new Baby Lock Coronet long arm quilting machine and frame, opens up worlds of possibilities for first-time long arm quilters and experienced quilters alike. Free-motion quilting is much easier with the Baby Lock Coronet. The built-in stitch regulator, gives flawless stitches every time and the huge 16″ workspace offers quilters complete control over their compositions from beginning to end.

Lighted Workspace

Long-lasting, high-intensity LED lights illuminate your workspace so you can see every detail on your quilt.




LCD Display

Access your hardware and software options, lighting options, stitch counters and more through the large LCD touch screen.



Built-in Stitch Regulation

Enjoy free-motion quilting at a comfortable pace with the built-in stitch regulation system. The automatic regulator helps achieve evenly spaced, consistent stitches every time.



Large “M” Class Bobbin

Enjoy fewer bobbin changes with the largest bobbins available in quilting (up to 40% larger than standard bobbins). Plus, with variable speeds on the electric bobbin winder, you can easily wind thread of different types and weights.


View the specs brochure here: Baby-Lock-Coronet-Spec-Sheet-Brochure