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Baby Lock Anna/Molly Foot Kit


Looking for additional accessory feet for your Baby Lock Anna, Molly, Joy, or Zeal sewing machine? This kit contains a specialty shank/ankle that allows you to use more optional feet. Simply swap out the standard ankle on your machine and then attach the quarter-inch foot, open toe foot, button sewing foot, invisible zipper foot, non-stick foot or cording foot. These optional feet and specialty ankle all come in a handy see-through case.

Kit Includes:
  • Specialty Ankle
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Open Toe Foot
  • Invisible Zipper Foot
  • 1/4” Foot with Guide:
  • Teflon Foot
  • Cording Foot – 5-Hole


Baby Lock Anna/Molly Foot Kit includes:

Specialty Ankle: Open a world of new options for techniques using this innovative ankle. The specialty ankle attaches to your machine, allowing you to attach and use a wider variety of optional snap-on feet. This ankle must be used in place of the one on the machine to use the feet in this kit.

Baby Lock Button Sewing Foot

Button Sewing Foot: Attach 2 or 4-hole buttons to garments and other projects with your machine. This convenient foot holds buttons to fabric with a sturdy zigzag stitch. This foot is perfect for buttons that can lie flat without much thread shank.

Baby Lock Open Toe Foot

Open Toe Foot: The open width and clear plastic of this foot make it perfect for projects that require visibility and stability, such as appliqué, surface embellishments, and stitching around intricate areas with decorative stitches. It even has a larger groove on the underside to accommodate thicker stitches and decorative threads. Invisible

Baby Lock Invisible Zipper Foot

Invisible Zipper Foot: For truly invisible zippers with a professional appearance, this is the right foot to use. The zipper coils actually act as a guide for this foot, allowing for perfectly positioned stitches that won’t show on the front of your garment.

Baby Lock 1/4 inch Foot with Guide

1/4” Foot with Guide: Eliminate swerving by running your fabric alongside the included guide. This foot ensures an exact 1/4” seam when piecing a quilt or a perfect 1/4” topstitch.

Baby Lock Teflon Foot

Teflon Foot: Use this non-stick foot to easily feed fabrics that tend to stick to ordinary feet. It is perfect for creating straight and decorative stitches on leather, plastic, vinyl, suede, and other demanding fabrics.

Baby Lock 5-Hole Cording Foot

Cording Foot – 5-Hole: This 5-hole cording foot makes attaching decorative cords and threads a snap. This foot eliminates tangling to ensure that cords lie flat and perfectly parallel to each other. The cording foot controls threads so both hands can guide the fabric. Use this foot to create decorative stitching over cording on single and double layers of fabric.

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