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Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade 3

Special Pricing Available Now

Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade 3 adds the features of the all-new Solaris Vision to your Solaris 1 or Solaris 2. These features include enhanced Stitch Vision, Creative Yarn Couching font, Stitch Tapering, support for Large Connect Designs, Edge-to-Edge Quilting, enhanced IQ Designer, enhanced Accessory Feet, all new Fine-Tip Stylus, and redesigned Multi-Function Foot Controller. Plus, over 100 new designs and additional fonts are added with this upgrade.


Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade 3 adds all the features of the brand-new Baby Lock Solaris Vision to your Solaris 2 or Solaris 1 (Solaris 1 requires upgrade 1 and 2)

Updated Stitch Vision Technology

Baby lock Solaris upgrade 3 with Stitch Vision technology

Faster and clearer than prior models, now it’s much easier to audition your entire design across the embroidery area with Baby Lock Solaris Vision’s Stitch Vision technology.

Unique Design Capabilities

This Baby Lock Solaris Vision Upgrade Kit has a collection of design and features that are completely new to the industry, specifically Large Connect Designs, the Ornate Long Stitch Technique, and Creative Yarn Couching.

Baby Lock Solaris Vision stitch tapering function

Stitch Tapering Function

Large Connect Designs

Ornate Long Stitch

Creative Yarn Couching

Stitch Tapering Function

Choose the angle of the taper of the beginning and end of your desired stitch, to achieve sharp, precise, and professional-looking stitches on jeans, tops, home decor and more. You can also select the number of repeat stitches in the pattern cycle, so you begin and end exactly where you need.

Baby Lock Solaris Vision stitch tapering function

You can also use the exclusive target stickers to create an accurate appliqued label or patch with perfect mitered corners. Place the target where you want the corner to end, and the built-in camera with IQ technology ends the tapered stitch exactly where want it – you get perfect results every time.

Large Connect Designs

Baby lock Solaris Vision

Embroider designs that go beyond the boundaries of the largest hoop. The Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade 3 Kit includes 5 built-in large connected embroidery designs which range up to 28″x15″. These designs can be combined to create large, seamless pieces that are breath-taking. Select from extravagant flowers, exotic birds, and other elaborate designs.

Ornate Long Stitch

Baby Lock Solaris Vision ornate long stitch design

The Baby Lock Solaris Vision Upgrade Kit has 10 Long-Stitch designs that resemble string art, with dramatically long stitches that are layered to create unique, geometric embellishments.

Creative Yarn Couching Font

Baby Lock Solaris Vision

Achieve a 3D effect by filling in letters and numbers with yarns of your choice. This opens up a world of texture of texture, and all
characters are resizable for more flexibility.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Baby Lock Solaris Vision does edge to edge quilting in the hoop

Create beautiful edge-to-edge quilting projects using the 10 built-in patterns. Enter a few measurements, select a hoop, specify flip options, and the Solaris Vision sets up your entire quilt. The on-screen instructions and design projections guide you through every step of the way for quilts measuring up to 118″ x 118″. Shown below with optional 10″ x 10″ magnetic quilting and embroidery frame.

Baby lock Solaris Vision edge to edge quilting
Baby Lock Solaris Vision optional 10x10 hoop

The new optional 10″ x 10″ magnetic frame works perfectly with the new edge to edge quilting feature. It is unlike any other magnetic frame. The hoop is designed with a triangular shaped rail that uses several detachable magnets. This allows you to manipulate your project while attaching the magnets.  Positioning is much easier than with magnetic hoops that have just one magnet to hold the entire project in place. Because of the shape of the rail, thicker fabrics hold much firmer than with traditional magnetic frames.

IQ Designer: Create Designs in the Machine, Without a Computer

Baby Lock Solaris Vision IQ Designer

There are amazing enhancements to IQ Designer across the Solaris line. Six new decorative fill patterns have been added, as well as a ten-key input to size designs more accurately. There is also a numbering system for stamp shapes. Custom decorative fill patterns and line motifs can be imported from the optional Palette 11, resulting is greater creativity. Also included is a new fine-tip stylus for better drawing in My Design Center.

Enhanced Accessory Feet

Enhanced Accessory Feet for the Baby Lock Solaris Vision upgrade

Enjoy all-new enhanced accessory feet, like the N+ foot, which has a durable coating meant to feed fabric smoothly. It has a plastic guide to
help minimize the possibility of the material being misaligned during stitching.

Fine Tip Stylus

Included in this upgrade kit is a brand-new fine-tip stylus that makes it easy to create beautiful and accurate drawings right on the machine. Draw or doodle directly on the LCD display and watch it spring to life in the large drawing area.

Multi-Function Foot Controller

The included Multi-Function Foot Controller has been designed to be more ergonomic to the foot and is accessible for toggle functions. The heel and toe kick angle have been updated and the main pedal has been redesigned for easier stepping and load reduction. There is also a built-in cord storage solution and easy-adjust slot on the back of the pedal. Visionary Stitches Design Collection

For a limited time, the exclusive Visionary Stitches design collection, with over 150 embroidery designs, is included with the upgrade #3.


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