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Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum with ET-1



The Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum offers all the flexibility of canister vacuums, but in the upright form. The Dart includes two on-board attachments, a convenient instant-use suction hose, an ultra-modern filtration system and a detachable suction unit that can be used as a hand-held vacuum. It can also be converted into a hard-floor polisher by attaching Sebo’s Disco head.

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Sebo Dart with ET-1 is eesigned and manufactured in Germany, and is the world’s best pet vacuum. The Dart is a reliable vacuum with commercial-grade components, high-tech brush roller technology, and rubber wheels and bumpers to protect homes. Changing bags is easy and clean with the Dart upright vacuum. Use the power head for deep cleaning your carpets or turn the brushroller off for delicate rugs.

The Dart can also use an optional Kombi Tool that is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors or area rugs. Just like the other Sebo upright vacuum cleaners, the Dart offers a flat-to-the-floor 5 1/2″ profile for cleaning under furniture and tables. This unit is equipped with an orange warning light to alert you if the height is set too high for optimal performance or if your brush is worn.

Overall, the Sebo Dart upright vacuum offers all the versatility of a stick vacuum with the functionality of a full size upright and is ideal for any cleaning situation. Lastly, the SEBO Dart has a sound level of 68 dB.

Sebo’s powerheads feature excellent pet hair removal, four-level height adjustment, carpet and hard floor cleaning ability, tool-free brush roller removal, manual brush roller shut off that enables straight-suction cleaning, and an L-shaped contour that makes cleaning under counters easy! They even have a warning light that illuminates to notify users when brush height is set too high for optimal performance, its bristles are worn, or when automatic shut off occurs due to brush roller obstructions. The Sebo Dart’s many features include:

  • 12″ Powerhead Width
  • Includes ET-1 Powerhead, Crevice Nozzle and Dusting Brush
  • Instant-use Suction Hose
  • Four-level Manual Brush Height Adjustment
  • Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Brush Shut Off
  • Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light
  • Easy Brush Removal & Cleaning
  • Manual and Automatic Brush Shut Off
  • Full Bag or Clog Indicator
  • Detachable Suction Unit Creates a Hand-held Portable Vacuum
  • Excellent Pet Vacuum – Highly Effective Pet Hair Removal
  • Seven-years Motor, Five-year Non-wear Parts Warranty

Large Capacity HEPA Filter Bag holds almost an entire gallon (.92) of debris within 3 filtered layers to ensure containment. Included hygiene caps can be used prior to removal and disposal so everything stays trapped. A bigger bag means fewer bags used and more money saved. Lastly, a SEBO Dart S-Class Hospital Grade Exhaust filter wraps around the body of the upright to not only filter out dirt and debris but also to muffle sound coming from the motor.

Full Bag/Clog Indicator lets you know if there is an obstruction in the airflow pathway, indicating a full bag or a clog, and also when the filter is dirty. To prevent overheating of the motor, an airflow bypass valve opens until the bag or filter is changed.

Brush Obstruction Light indicates jam in the power head and the brush roller automatically shuts off. This keeps the belt from breaking, protects the motor and roller brush and keeps your carpet from being damaged or distressed. Simply pull out with one easy tug and continue vacuuming.

Easy Brush Removal allows for quick cleaning of the brush roll from long hair, threads, and other debris. Pop off the edge cover, turn and pull the brush roll out. Remove debris and return to the power head, replacing the edge cover.

4 Height Level Adjustment by pressing the button on the power head to change to the best height for the surface you’re cleaning

Incorrect Height Setting Indicator will illuminate on the power head when the brush height is too high for optimal cleaning. This will also light when the brush roll is reaching maximum bristle wear.

Clog Removal Door allows you to easily access the power head for removing any obstruction.

Soft Start-Up Feature means the Dart’s motor slowly powers up when turned on, resulting in an extended life

Long 31 Ft. Power Cord

Sebo Dart Quick Suction Hose

Quick-Use Suction Hose Use the suction hose on your DART whenever you need it. Its easy accessibility is great for quick cleaning. Add an attachment for an even quicker clean to all your furniture, base boards, curtains, and more.

Sebo Dart multi-surface cleaning capability

Multi-surface Cleaning From bare floors and hardwood to carpets and rugs, the DART is able to clean them all with no fuss. No need to change the attachment, the vacuum head is capable of all surface heights. Going from surface to surface, cleaning has never been so easy. (Optional Bare Floor Tool Pictured)

Sebo Dart as a hand-held vacuum

Use it as a Handheld! The SEBO Dart is lightweight enough that it can be used almost like a handheld vacuum. This feature is great for extending its reach and cleaning even the hardest to reach areas in your house.

Sebo Dart easy change brushroll

Easy-Change Brushroll After your brushroll finally wears out, you’ll be able to replace it easily and simply. This nifty feature also makes it a breeze to clean the brushroll!

What’s in the Box

  • One pre-installed SEBO Filter Bag
  • One pre-installed Sebo S-Class Hospital Grade Exhaust Filter
  • One pre-installed SEBO Motor Filter
  • Suction hose
  • Dart premium upright vacuum
  • ET-1 power nozzle
  • Crevice tool and upholstery nozzle
  • Instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 33.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.7 × 12.4 × 32 in


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