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That Purple Thang


That Purple Thang by Little Foot is a multifunctional tool that comes in handy for many craft projects. Every quilter, seamstress and crafting needs one of these: it pushes, pulls, and pokes in all the situations where pushing, pulling and poking is called for. Made of heavy plastic.


Need a pull or a push?

That Purple Thang is a multi-purpose tool that belongs on every crafter’s table! Sometimes fabric needs to be pushed along when easing in gathers or multiple layers of fabric; this tool will help! The slight curve of this tool makes it easier to hold down the fabric as you sew. Also use it to push out corners, or to help in turning things inside out. This is great for turning small corners, and also has a slot to pull the elastic through waistbands. The Purple Thang is excellent for smoothing the inside of a round collar, and for squaring the corners of tubing. Its flat edge presses down seams after they are sewn. And it is also handy for poking stuffing into toys!

Additional information

Weight 0.013 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 2.75 × 0.25 in


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