Tip: Pin, Cut, Sew… No!

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It’s almost the weekend! And maybe you’re planning some quality sewing time (we hope so!)  You found some great fabric, have a new pattern trimmed, you’re ready to pin it on, cut it out, and start sewing, right? Wrong!

What’s wrong with this picture?



That pattern needs pressing!

Sometimes we’re so anxious to get going on a new project we may rush to pin, cut sew. But look at those creases! :O

While you can do some smoothing, that pattern piece is never going to be completely accurate without a good press. So turn the iron to low, turn OFF the steam, press out those creases from all the folds… then you’re ready to start!

The more folds (typical in garment patterns, but in other project and quilt patterns as well) the more chances for creases like this that can change the shape your fabric should be when cut – likely making it too small!  And – the more pattern pieces you’re using – the more chances for for distortion – and your garment may not fit, your quilt doesn’t come together precisely, and other project may not fit together as they should.

Just a few extra minutes for a good press can change your whole project!  Now go sew something fun! (And show us what you’ve made! We love to see your efforts!)

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