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Grace Q’nique 21X Elite Longarm Quilting Machine



Note: This machine ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Cutting-edge technology meets impeccable quality to make your quilting the easiest it’s ever been

The Q’nique 21X Elite quilting machine has the most reach, the most advanced and intuitive features, and the most impressive quilting experience of any Q’nique machine. This longarm’s incredible power, smooth motion, and smart technology will astound you.

Grace Longarm Machine Bundle

Grace Longarm machine bundle for July Anniversary Sale
(Click image for larger view)

  • 360 Wonderfoot
  • Q’nique Laser
  • Horizontal Spool Holder
  • 2 packs of M-Class Bobbins
  • TrueCut® Cutting Mat Combo (24 x 36” Cutting Mat)
  • 24 x 36” Non-Slip Pad
  • TrueCut® Cutter Combo (45mm My Comfort Cutter)
  • 360 Circle Cutter
  • 2-Pack 45mm Blades
  • 2 Circle Cutter Blade Cartridges
  • 3-Piece Hopping Foot Set
  • Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit
  • 16-pack Finesse Thread (Random Assortment)

Please note: Bundle and machine ship directly from manufacturer.

Add A Quilting Frame*

Add Luminess Light Station*

Add Rear Handles*

Add Start-Right Cloth Leader

Add Laser Stylus*

Add Ruler Base*

Add Quilting Robotics*

Summer Camp Flash Sale! Offer valid July 8th – 14th, 2024

Tablet not included

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Grace Q’nique 21X Elite Demo

Grace Q’nique 21X Elite: The Ultimate Longarm Quilting Experience

Touchscreen of Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm
Bigger, Better Touchscreen Display

7” full-color display provides a variety of tools and options at your fingertips, including on-screen help guides and instructions.

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm Ergonomic Handles
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Extendable ergonomic handles with quick access buttons allow you to quilt in comfort, while smart features like edge warning and a digital measuring tool take the guesswork out of your quilting.

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm Throat Space of 21
The Furthest Reach

An expansive 21″ throat space allows for bigger quilt blocks, more intricate stitchwork, and less moving your fabric around on your frame.

Stitch quality of the Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm
The Finest Level of Control

With a range of 90-2,600 stitches-per-minute and built-in stitch regulation, you can quilt at any speed knowing that all your stitches will be beautifully consistent. There are also four different stitching modes: cruise, precise, baste, and manual.

Effortless Free Motion with the Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm
The Best Free Motion

The Q’nique 21X Elite glides effortlessly over your fabric, so you can experience free motion quilting with top-notch speed and precision.

Key Features of the Grace Q’nique 21X Elite

Adjustable Handles
Adjustable Handles

The handles of the Q’nique 21X Elite Longarm machine can be adjusted to the most comfortable position for you, so you can quilt for longer without any aches and pains.

Grip Design
Comfort Grip Design

The soft, ergonomic handles are designed to follow the contours and curves of your hand, relieving stress in your hands and wrists so you can quilt comfortably.

4 Quick-Acess Buttons

There are two buttons on each handle with user-friendly labels: start/stop the Q’nique 21X Elite, adjust needle position up/down, and speed up/slow down the machine.

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm has Adjustable Hopping Foot
Adjustable Hopping Foot

The hopping foot can be rotated for optimal needle visibility.

Bobbin Estimator
Bobbin Estimator

With the on-screen bobbin estimator, you never have to guess how much longer your bobbins will last! You can even save multiple bobbin settings to use for different types and sizes of thread.

Built-in Bobbin Winder

Built-in bobbin winder with fill-level sensors and easy-to-use controls

Dual Thread Masts on Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm

Dual thread mast for quilting and winding bobbins at the same time

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm Work Light

Needle work light with dimmer function to control light intensity

Magnifying Glass on Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm

Magnifying glass attachment to get a better view of the needle

Customize Your Q’nique Quilting System: Frames and Robotics Options

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite Longarm with Frame

Complete your quilting system and save hundreds when you purchase a qualifying frame with your Grace Q’nique 21X Elite Longarm quilting machine.


Select the Frame that best fits your needs:

Evolution Hoop Frame for Grace Q'nique 16X Series

Grace Evolution Hoop Frame

Maximum Size Quilt: Any size

The Quilter’s Evolution Hoop Frame is a true game-changer in the world of hoop frames. In addition to the ability to handle any size of quilt, this frame also has the option of attaching a hand wheel to the take-up rail, converting it to a rolling frame in minutes. You can also upgrade to any of several sizes of the Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame, our top-of-the-line rolling frame.

The frame’s versatile new features include:

  • Rails that can turn and lock in place for more secure fabric
  • Option to install a hand wheel to the take-up rail, creating a 5-foot rolling frame
  • New and improved quilt clips for easier fabric movement
  • Works with machines with up to 24” of throat space
  • Best of all: The option to convert to any length of the Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame
Evolution Elite Rolling Frame for Grace Q'nique 16X Series

Grace Evolution Elite Rolling Frame in 8, 10, or 12-Foot Sizes

Maximum Size Quilt: 8 foot frame – Queen size or smaller; 10- and 12-foot frame – up to King size

The Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame represents the peak of Grace Company’s efforts in providing an elite, customizable frame quilting experience. This top-of-the-line frame is designed for quilters who are serious about their craft and are able to dedicate their time and space.

The frame’s modular design allows the customer to create a frame that perfectly fits their space and situation:

  • Available for purchase in lengths of 8’, 10’, and 12’
  • Optional extensions that can be used to create a 9’ or 11’ frame
  • No-baste rail system
  • Adjustable height for added comfort
  • New frame track design to create even smoother movement for the carriage


QuiltMotion Quilters Creative Touch software adds the ability for precision quilting, letting you design and lay out your quilt projects on any Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablet or PC.

Achieve Precision Accuracy: QCT5 Pro has powerful new tools like a built-in digital ruler for precise measurements as well as the ability to center your machine to exactly where it needs to be.

Plan Your Entire Quilt: Do more in less time with new placement methods. Now you can auto-populate patterns you want to duplicate and lay it out exactly how you want it.

Get Help When Needed: QCT5 Pro now includes in-session tutorials on almost all aspects of the software, which are available to open and close at any time during use.

Easier Edge-to-Edge Patterns: Now you can auto-populate patterns you want to duplicate instead of placing patterns one-at-a-time. Even better, the software will center your pattern based on your quilt size so you can save time and get to quilting faster!

Choose from Creative Touch 5 Beginnings, Pro, or Pro with Gold Card Access. It is also possible to upgrade from Beginnings to Pro.

Creative Touch 5 Beginnings

Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Beginnings allows you to access computerized quilting even more affordable. This Budget-friendly automation system offers all the essential feature of computerized quilting, and lets you create your masterpieces in steps as simple as select, place, and sew.

This system is the perfect introduction to automated quilting. Select patterns from the included library, and easily place them on your quilt for sewing. If you ever decide to take the next step and start designing your own patterns, an upgrade option to the fully featured QCT5 standard tier is available.

Creative Touch 5 Beginnings library of patterns

Pick a Pattern from the expansive pattern library.

Select a block, continuous line, corner, or more from the library of over 200 included patterns.

Edit with Creative Touch 5 Beginnings

Edit and Place with precise placement methods.

Quilter’s Creative touch 5 lets you place your patterns on your quilt the exact way you want. See your pattern in relation to quilt on–screen as set the placement.

Creative Touch 5 Beginnings come with motor plate

Let Your Machine Do the Sewing bringing automated quilting in your own home

The QuiltMotion motor plate and hardware come bundled with Quilter’s Creative touch 5. QuiltMotion controls your sewing machine to accurately stitch your quilt designs.

QuiltMotion Creative Touch 5 Pro

Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Pro is the top-of-the-line automated quilting system with the ability to create stunning designs through flawless execution. Customers will love how easy and user-friendly this software is compared to similar products on the market.

This is a complete “flow-through” system for your entire quilting process. Everything including pattern creation, design, editing, pattern-placement, and of course quilting, is all contained in the same software without the need to switch programs.

Powerful and User-Friendly Features Include:

use pantographs with Creative Touch 5 Pro

Simplified Pantograph Layout

Creating and editing pantographs is even easier with Panto Stacker! Alternate rows, sizing, and number of patterns can all be edited in a few simple clicks.

Design quilt patterns wiht Creative Touch 5 Pro

Design Your Own Quilt Patterns

The included Pattern CAD gives you the power to bring any idea to life and be stitched with Quilter’s Creative Touch 5.

Creative Touch 5 Pro can import patterns and photos

Trace Your Favorite Photographs

Create quilting patterns from your favorite photographs! Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 lets you import photos and trace your quilt patterns over them!

Record directly Creative Touch 5 Pro

Record Free–Motion Quilting

With Quilter’s Creative touch 5, you can record and save any free–motion quilted patterns to use or edit later.

QuiltMotion Creative Touch 5 Pro with 1-Year Gold Card Access

Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Pro with 1-Year Gold Card Access unlocks absolutely everything that Creative Touch 5 has to offer, going beyond letting you design, place and create your patterns. Now you can go from borders, to corners, to multiple patterns at a time, to font stitching, and even more. You’ll love seeing your favorite patterns professionally quilted by your own quilting machine.

Gold Card Features Include:

Grace QCT Gold Access feature borders and corners

Borders and Corners

Borders and Corners makes border design and placement easy. You simply capture your border points on the fabric and select your patterns. Borders and Corners does the rest.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature corner maker

Corner Maker

Corner Maker enables you to take any continuous line pattern and transform it into a perfectly formed corner pattern that fits seamlessly with continuous borders.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature font stitcher

Font Stitcher

Including a special message in a quilt is now a simple matter with the font stitcher! You select the font, type in the letters you want, and save it as a pattern to be quilted.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature gold patterns

Exclusive Gold Patterns

With Gold Access, you have access to a monthly list of premium patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. Give your quilting another reason to be a step above.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature fabric compensation

Fabric Compensation

If there’s one “special” aspect with quilting, it’s that “There is no such thing as a straight line”. Fabric Compensation solves this problem, by allowing you to “morph” placed patterns, borders, and pantographs, to fit within the lines of your fabric.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature Advanced Panto

Panto Advanced

The next level of PantoStacker allows you the added ability to select different patterns for each row, and the ability to move them within the design area. You can even have different pattern counts on each row, too!

Grace QCT Gold Access feature pattern eClipse

Pattern eClipse

Worrying about applique damage is now behind you! with eClipse, you can plan around all those special pieces that make your quilt priceless.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature multi-pattern placement

Multi-Pattern Placement

Want to save time by placing several patterns at once? Well now you can!

Grace QCT Gold Access feature template designer

Template Designer

With Gold Access, you have access to a monthly list of premium patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. Give your quilting another reason to be a step above.

Grace QCT Gold Access feature virtual longarm

Virtual Longarm

Have you ever wanted to sew a pattern that was too large for the Safe Area? Virtual Longarm automatically separates a pattern that goes beyond the Safe Area.

Guide Classes

Free guide classes, with purchase, are included at all Moore’s SoCal locations. Click here to see upcoming classes


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