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Janome Continental M17 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

High-Definition Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting!

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The Janome Continental M17 raises the bar of performance and achieves a new level in Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery! This new level can only be described as High Definition. Standing head and shoulders above all other top-of-the-line machines, the Continental M17 offers the largest embroidery area (11” x 18”), fastest embroidery speed (1200spm), largest sewing area (13.7” to the right of the needle), fastest sewing speed (1300spm), world’s only stitch regulation system that includes ruler work, and much more. This new combination sewing and embroidery machine will take your entire creative experience to a whole new level.

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Introductory Bonus Bundle Included While Supplies Last!

Janome M17 Continental Bundle - $2000 value(Click image for larger view)

Janome Continental M17 Introductory Bundle
  • Custom M17 Luggage Set
  • 50 Spools of Embroidery Thread
  • 6 Rolls of Stabilizer
  • 5 Cutting Templates
  • 6 Ruler-Work Ruler Sets
  • Needle Set
  • Exclusive Sashiko kit by Kimberly Einmo

$2000 $0.00


Janome Continental M17 High-Definition Embroidery

Janome Continental M17

Janome Continental M17 has the largest embroidery area on the market! The largest hoop has a gigantic 11” x 18.1”
embroidery area, giving you room for larger projects without needing to re-hoop or turn the hoop.

Janome Continental M17

Janome’s expertise in robotics is clearly shown in the making of the industry’s most advanced embroidery unit. This
Gantry-crane-style embroidery carriage is structured to give greater precision and durability.

Janome M17 Embroidery Unit

For the first time ever, a full aluminum casting gives support from the front, back, and above. It has 3 linear guides
and 23 bearings, including 12 ball bearings and 11 sets of needle bearings. The motors are also brushless DC motors,
which have 350% longer life than traditional motors that are used in embroidery units. By building an embroidery unit
that has quality second to none, it is the fastest embroidery machine in the industry, reaching speeds up to 1200 spm.

 Janome M17Carbon Fiber Hoop

The largest embroidery hoop is reinforced with carbon fiber. Using this material provides 10 times the strength of iron
and yet weighs 75% less.

The Janome Continental M17 comes with 5 embroidery hoops that are spring loaded and have a special hoop-tightening lever
on both ends. This results in a more secure hold of your fabric. Also, it is much easier to hoop and remove your fabric
regardless of the thickness.

Janome M17 hoop-tightening lever
  Janome M17 hoop lock

The hoops slide effortlessly into the M17’s hoop lock, where the machine recognizes the size of the hoop. The M17 will
warn you if it’s not the correct size for the design.

Janome M17 includes 1230 designs

The Janome Continental M17 has 1230 built-in embroidery designs. This includes many from exclusive designers. The
designs are easily accessed from the color touch screen. You can edit, combine, adjust color, and add text easily from
the embroidery edit mode on the machine.

Embroidery Position Marker

Janome M17 laser light for embroidery positioning


The embroidery positioning light is activated by touching an icon from the screen, shining a precise red light at the
needle position. This gives you more accuracy for the alignment of multiple designs and embroidery placement.
Janome Continental M17 with Acu-Stitch Regulation

The most advanced stitch regulation system (A.S.R) ever
developed is now included on the Janome Continental M17!

Janome Continental M17 with Acu-Stitch Regulation with Ruler-Work

Utilizing an optical sensor and positioning it higher, this stitch regulator provides more accuracy and covers a much
larger area than any other machines on the market. It detects more intense motions, colors, and a wider range of fabrics
than other machine regulators.

It’s the only regulation system on any household machine that can work with a ruler-work accessory!

Janome Continental M17 includes 4 ASR Presser Feet

There are 4 A.S.R. feet included with the Continental M17. The open toe, closed toe, clear view echo and exclusive
ruler-work feet all work with the stitch regulator.

Janome Continental M17 Sewing Machine

High-Definition Sewing starts with a foundation of quality. Janome has the only one-piece seamless
aluminum casting in the industry. This is an exoskeleton-type design that ensures longer life and smoother operation.

Janome Continental M17 aluminum Casting

The Janome Continental M17 is the fastest top-loading machine on the market, reaching speeds up to 1300spm. Main shaft
ball bearings ensure smooth and quiet operation even at the high speeds this machine is capable of achieving.

Janome Continental M17 with 12-core motor

The industrial style, 12-core, brushless DC motor provides higher torque and lasts 350% longer than traditional motors.

Janome Continental M17 large sewing bed

You have room for your largest projects. This machine boasts 13.7″ of space to the right of the needle, 5.51” above the
bed, and 3.51” above the needle. This is the largest in the industry and gives you more room for quilting and sewing
bulky projects.

Janome Continental M17 with large quilt project


Exclusive Dual Screen Display

Janome Continental M17 Dual Screen Display

The Janome Continental M17 incorporates a unique dual screen design.

Janome Continental M17 top screen

The middle touch screen displays stitch settings and gives quick and direct key access.  This eliminates the need to go
into a settings mode located on the main screen.

Janome Continental M17 needle thumbwheel

To increase the connectivity between you and the machine, an exclusive new thumb wheel is located at the inner portion
of the throat area. This gives the sewer the ability to easily lower the needle to the fabric for placement instead of
reaching to the right for the handwheel.

Janome Continental M17 10.1" screen

The Janome Continental M17 has a large 10.1” capacitive touch panel display. This resistive, film-type screen shows full
color, with over 16 million colors displayed on the large tablet style screen. It supports multi-point touch, pinch, and
other operations similar to smart phones and tablets.

Janome Continental M17 Graphical User Interface

The ease of operation is enhanced by the GUI (Graphics User Interface) of the opening screen that launches you quickly
into the category you desire.

Janome Continental M17 include 850 9mm stitches

The sewing mode accesses the M17’s impressive library of 850 – 9mm stitches.

Janome Continental M17 hand-look stitches

This includes many hand-type quilt stitches that are exclusive to Janome.

Janome Continental M17 combines stitches

You have the control to manipulate the stitches in virtually infinite ways. Combine, re-size, and taper many of the
stitches to make beautiful motifs.

Janome Continental M17 provides superior fabric control with

Janome AcuFeed Plus for fabric control

AcuFeed™ Flex Plus is an integrated system that perfectly feeds fabric from the top and bottom. This is great for
quilts, plaids, and any sewing that requires precise control. Now improved with an independent motor that controls the
AcuFeed™ Flex Plus system, this gives you even better fabric control!

Janome Continental M17 stitching fake fur easily

The AcuFeed™ Flex Plus system can sew even fake fur with ease. This is an exclusive feature found only on the Janome
Continental series, including the Continental M7.

Janome Continental M17 stitching sequined fabric

Included with the Continental M17 are several AcuFeed™ accessories. The H2 foot, in combination with the HP plate, gives
you even more precision to combat the most extreme fabric.

acufeed accessories

Stress Free One-Touch Needle Plate Conversion

one-touch needle plate conversion

No screws or tools are necessary to change the needle plate. Simply push the on-screen icon to release the plate and
place a new one in its place. The Janome Continental M17 will automatically retract the new plate into place using a
patented magnetic system. Plus, the M17 comes with three standard needle plates: zigzag, straight stitch, and the
Professional Grade HP plate.

New Float Mode for Sewing

Janome Continental M17 New Float mode

The floating mode provides more control when using fine and difficult fabrics. By adjusting the float height of the
presser foot, you reduce friction from the foot and the fabric flows better, reducing marks and wrinkles.

Built-in Sewing and Quilting Applications

Sewing and Quilting Applications

The sewing and quilting application pages provide a simple and accurate solution to some of the more difficult
procedures and techniques found in today’s sewing. By funneling your settings down to a simple one- or two-step
selection, you now can achieve professional results every time, eliminating guesswork.

Quilting Application Page on the Janome Continental M17

Best Lighting in the Industry!

Janome Continental M17 has 9 powerful LED Lights

The Continental M17 has the largest, most well-lit sewing area in the industry. With 9 brilliant LED lights placed in 4
different locations, you will have less eye fatigue and you will see your projects in their true color.

Access the Thread Path on the Janome M17

Easy access to the thread and take-up path makes it much easier to remove thread that can get caught inside the

One touch to open the top

With a simple push of the button, the top cover opens. Two large spool pins rise vertically from the top of the machine,
and the built-in thread guide telescopes for optimum thread delivery.

Magnets for accessories

Magnetic accessory holders are located in the lid of the Janome Continental M17.

Automatic Needle Threader

With a simple press of the button, the hands-free automatic needle threader effortlessly threads your needle.

Easily access thread tangles

Another Janome exclusive is easy accesses to the needle bar area for clearing and cleaning thread tangles–just like the
old machines were made!

Janome Continental M17 Bi-Directional Apps

The Janome Continental M17 owner has free access to several apps compatible with many IOS and Android devices including
smartphone and tablets. These mobile applications are “bi-directional,” where interaction between the machine and mobile
device are two-way. This enhances your experience and gives a simpler, more expansive experience to the features of the
Continental M17.

AcuAssist is more than an instructional manual. Access information on each stitch or accessory, and
even launch directly to Janome’s YouTube channel. After viewing the desired stitch, launch it to the machine and
everything is set to sew. In embroidery mode, you can browse your design library, see the stitch count, colors needed
and voila, it’s all ready to sew at your machine.

Embroidery Link gives access to all your designs on the machine, on inserted USB drives and even those
on your mobile device. With this app you can copy, merge, resize, adjust density, apply lettering, and even edit and
delete individual sections of a design. The E-link will also monitor the status of your design as you stitch it out.

AcuSetter provides perfect embroidery placement. Simply take a picture of your project in the
embroidery hoop to position and adjust the design right where you want it. Send it to the machine and it’s placed
exactly where you want it. It’s as simple as that.

With AcuSketch you now can turn all your amazing doodles and sketches into embroidery. We all do it —
once a pen is in our hand, we trace, draw, and create. This is what AcuSketch does for you. Bring in a photo, take a
picture and trace it. You have many different stitch options including run, bean, zig zag and much more.

Accessories Galore!

Over 92 items included ranging from feet, hoops, needle plates and more!

Janome celebrated 100 years of manufacturing in 2021. Vist their commemorative site to view the history of this amazing manufacturer of
quality sewing machines.


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